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When you’re using your phone as a GPS, a phone mount is needed to hold your phone. It’s a totally helpful gadget as you can safely use both of your hands for driving and don’t need to hold the phone with one of them.

A holder allows you to have a quick view of the location, direction, and other navigational information. Vansky car phone mount is one of best selling car phone holders.

Multiple Installations

Vansky car phone mount comes with multiple installations for car usage. You can casually wall-mount the holder on whatever surface you can conveniently view the mounted phone.

You can use the holder for a dashboard mount or clip it to the air vent for comfortable access. Otherwise, you can also mount the phone holder on your car windshield as long as it doesn’t block your view. These can accommodate different preferences of the driver as they need to mount the phone.

Strong Suction You Can Count On

The manufacture features vansky car phone mount with an incredibly strong suction cup. This way, the phone holder would hold your phone or mobile device more firmly and steadily.

You can keep peace of mind when driving as the phone mount would last shocks from the terrains. This feature also allows you to view the screen at the same comfortable position you’ve set before.

Adjustable for Best Possible View

The mechanical parts of the Vansky car phone mount are adjustable. The gadget comes with holder that can be rotated 360 degrees in a steady position. At this point, you can rotate your phone to the best possible angle where you can clearly view the screen of your phone or GPS device.

Multiple adapters are included in the package to cover different applications include clip-on, wall-mounted, and windshield-mounted. It’s very important to find the correct angle to view anything on the mounted phone. Your device is clamped in the holder but you can easily release it by pushing a button.

Universal compatibility

Vansky car phone mount is designed to hold most types of smartphones of all make. Based on the specification, this phone mount can support phone or device from 3.5” to 7” with the extendable grip clamp that supports up to 9.7cm width. This way, you can mount any phone from Samsung, iPhone, LG, iPhone(up to 6s), and other brands.

However, it’s not compatible for tablet usage. Besides, it’s not safe to wall-mount such a big device like tablets when driving as it would block most of your view through the windshield. The compatibility is also backed up with the soft padding that holds your device firmly without damaging it.

Customer Reviews on Vansky

Vansky car phone mount is currently available on Amazon with 4 out of 5 stars. Most buyers adore the functionality and flexibility of the holder’s installation. However, several buyers complained about delivery issues.


Employing your phone as GPS would never be easier with this product. You can simply install it on the best spot you can access. The adjustable mechanics to get the best possible angle for viewing is a resistible feature. If you need a car phone mount that actually works, the Vansky car phone mount should be on your list.