Looking for a wireless gaming mouse? Have you checked what UtechSmart has? UtechSmart is one of the popular gaming peripheral brand producing high-quality products. UtechSmart Venus Pro is a professional wireless RGB gaming mouse with high performance and extensive features. This is our review of the product.

Rechargeable High-Performance Battery

Coming with 1000 mA capacity, the battery of UtechSmart Venus Pro is extensively rechargeable up to 300 times. This mouse only requires two hours for a full single recharging that gives you a battery life up to 70 hours. Not only that this extends your gaming experience but you can also monitor the battery consumption through the actuation software.

Ultra Stable and Fast Data Transmission

UtechSmart Venus Pro employs pro-gaming standards in all aspects especially wireless technology. It use 2.4 data transmission that not only enhances the speed but overcomes the common wireless latency issues. These are possible with the Nano signal receiver that improves connection stability. The radius of reception can go up to 10 meters that flex your gaming setting.

Super Accurate and Configurable Optical Sensor

As MMO gaming mouse, UtechSmart Venus Pro comes with high precision optical sensor performance. The gaming mouse features adjustable DPI that can stretch from 100 to 16000 that you can adjust within five switchable stages through the UtechSmart software. On the other hand, you can These provide you with an accurate gaming control on any game you’re playing. No more latency issues when controlling and navigating your character. These features are brought by the PixArt PMW3335 which is described as a “super accurate” optical sensor for a gaming mouse. However, it’s not only the sensor but the sixteen buttons are also configurable to accommodate the combinations of multiple keys. You can assign a particular task to each button.

RGB Mode Every Gamers Dream of

UtechSmart Venus Pro comes with multiple programmable RGB modes that light up to16 million colors. Again, you can use the UtechSmart software to configure the RGB modes based on your preferences.

Comfort Design

The last thing we want to highlight on UtechSmart Venus Pro is the design that won’t fatigue your hand. The body and grip of utechsmart gaming mouse are design ergonomically so that you can extend your play hours with UtechSmart Venus Pro. It also has the grinding coating that provides extreme comforts to your hand and resists the sweating issues. This way, you can endure longer playing hours more comfortably.

Customer Reviews

UtechSmart Venus Pro gaming mouse has everything a gamer needs to control their character on the game. This gaming mouse product is currently available on Amazon with 4.7 out of 5.0 stars. Most buyers are satisfied with the gaming performance, comfort, design, customizable buttons and RGB, and great interface.


UtechSmart Venus Pro is one of the reputable wireless MMO style gaming mouses. The configurable buttons and switchable DPI cater to all gaming styles and accommodate diverse gaming preferences. The rechargeable and long-life battery extend your gaming experience and make it a great peripheral investment for any gamer of all style.