There are many situations when I feel worried about my belongings and beloved ones. In our everyday busy lifestyle, it is hard to keep an eye on everything as well as everyone around us.

So, what can be the possible solution? Are you people thinking about cell phones? Yes, in this modern time phones are the best way of communicating with others but what will you possibly do while it comes to your pet? Surely cell phones are not meant for them.

So, here am I with the solution. I have faced the same trouble that you did and those troubles led me to TKSTAR GPS tracker. Today’s review is all about TKSTAR GPS tracker review. Here we go.

What is TKSTAR GPS Tracker?

TKSTAR has introduced a mini waterproof real-time GPS tracker. This tracker is the latest tracker that will successfully track your pets, people, belonging and even vehicles. So now you do not have to worry each and every moment.

The TKSTAR waterproof GPS tracker works based on GSM or GPRS networks. It even works based on the GPS satellite. This GPS tracker is so intelligently built that it can monitor any remote target with the help of SMS or internet.

Hence, now you do not have to worry about your lost or stolen pet. You can get your pet back home in no time and it is that easy now.

Where to Find GPS tracker

But what if you cannot find your TKSTAR GPS tracker? Does that mean you have to buy a new one again? Relax! You do not have to do anything like that. All you need to do in that situation is make a call. Yes, call the tracker and you will acquire the exact location on your phone about the location of where it is.

TKSTAR Tracker Features

The TKSTAR waterproof GPS tracker is small in size, so there are possibilities that you can keep it somewhere and because of its small size it might be hard to figure out where it is.

The size of this mini tracker is 50mm x 50mm x 18mm and this weighs around 50 grams. So, there are possibilities of misplacement. But the other side of this small size is that you can place where ever you like.

In your kid’s bag, on your pet’s belt in your car and in different places. So, this feature makes the TKSTAR GPS tracker a portable equipment.


You do not have to worry about the battery life of this tracker. This one has a long battery life and 350 hours of standby. And when the battery life is low you will receive an alarm too. Unlike any other tracker, this does not need any subscription.

Whats More

So, there is no additional cost after you buy the TKSTAR mini waterproof GPS tracker. There is a free app for the iPhone and Android devices so that you can operate your tracker with mobile devices. This tracker is user-friendly as there are free tracking platform and multi-language menu. So, language won’t act a barrier. There are features like geofencing, SOS call function real-time tracking and a lot more.

While moving on to the packing and price of the product, you will receive a user manual, a screwdriver, a USB cable with the mini waterproof GPS tracker. compared to other GPS trackers of this kind the TKSTAR GPS tracker has set an incredible price range that makes it affordable for all. The price range is pretty much satisfying.

Warm Up

If you are aiming to buy a product that is user-friendly and affordable then this is something you must try on. These features of this tracker are advance and in no way unsatisfying. Therefore, get this tracker now and set your mind in peace. So, think no more and buy one for yourself today.