Safety is the first priority nowadays. We all are very well aware of the fear that surrounds us about the safety of our family and belonging, but now you can put an end to your worries. The following product will provide you with all the information by which you can keep a keen eye at your loved ones.

Spy Tec is the leading enterprise for GPS tracking gear. The Spy Tec is in the tracking industry from 2004 and it is doing very well from then on. The latest GPS tracking equipment that Spy Tec has brought forward is the STI GL300. This tracking device helps you in tracking your loved ones very efficiently.

Spy Tec STI Gl300 Features

Now with the help of STI GL300, you will be able to keep an eye on your child, your spouse and everyone you wish to. This device of yours will keep you up to date in real time. It is interesting to note that STI GL300 give you the update of the location every 5 seconds. This will surely make it easy for you to track fast moving people.

Spy Tec STI GL300 even allows the feature of geofencing. With this feature enabled you can now set geographical boundaries and while someone crosses these boundaries you will be notified. For instance, you can set a geofence starting from your home to school of your child, hence when your child crossed this boundary you will be notified and you can then reach if he/she needs any help. You can even geofence the elderly people of your home so that they do not wander and even if they do so you are aware of their location.

Advantages of spy tec GPS

The biggest advantage of the Spy Tec STI GL300 is its compact size. This is small and easy to carry that you can fit this device anywhere you like. This device is only 2 ounces and 3 inches in length. This device even comes with M2 waterproof magnetic case. So now you do not even have to worry about rains and wet areas. You will be able to acquire the information of the places no matter what the conditions are.

There are no activation and cancellation fees attached to it. While moving on to the battery, the battery lifespan of Spy Tec STI GL300 lasts for 2 weeks or even longer. The Spy Tec reviews from the consumer who have bought this device are good. On the other hand, Spy Tec always offers the consumers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You can even return the item you have bought if it does not satisfy your need and you won’t be asked any counter questions. With these many wonderful features and advantages, this device is only worth is not much high.

We all are now or then worried about our family and belonging. So, a device like Spy Tec STI GL300 will surely provide peace of mind. If you are in search of something that will help you to keep an eye on them then nothing can be better than this tracking device. So, without any more further thoughts just order it and take a sigh of relief.