“Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway”, yes, this review is all about clothing. Clothing plays an important role in our lives. It is surely our clothing that shows us what we are and what we opt from the world.

We all are well aware of the phrase “the first impression is the last impression” and this even states the importance of clothing in a person’s life. Your sense of clothing represents your personality and approach towards life.

It is true that clothes are man’s first basic need but with the advancement of the time, these clothes had changed the lives of people around the world.

During our early era clothing was just used for the sake of keeping them covered but now this clothing has become a way of earning and a statement of a good life. Researches have shown that when a person wears that looks good, it has a positive impact on the persons confidence and self-esteem.

It is now the woman’s wear that is leading the clothing industry. Women nowadays are very thoughtful about they wear and how they are carrying it.

You can see it everywhere that it is mainly the women who are spending tons on the better dresses. Let be casual or comfy attire that women wear jeans is something that is never out of fashion.

With the flow of time, the design and structure of jeans have changed but that did not make the women feel bored about it. The jeans are paired up with casual wears and even pair up with tops that are worn on a simple easy-going day. The jeans that are trending these days are the skinny jeans. Women have chosen the skinny fitting jeans to be their new fashion statement.

There are a number of skinny jeans brand in the market and it is sometimes really hard to differentiate between what is good and what is bad.

It is very important for an attire to have the good kind of material and if the material is not up to the mark then it is surely not a good product. Here are some of the skinny jeans brands that provide the best quality product and keep the comfort of the consumer in mind.

These top five brands are ruling the clothing market with their best quality products and you should have a look at them too.

Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Modern Skinny Jeans

The signature by Levi Strauss is a clothing brand that is been ruling the clothing industry for over 160 years. They have successfully managed to bring different styles of clothing to the consumers and even acquired an outstanding response from them. It is well known for the clothing material that they use.


The denim that is used in the making of the skinny jeans is super stretchy that the jeans do not bag at all and remains the same the whole day. These skinny jeans are perfect for all body type as it hugs your curves completely and makes you look elegant. These jeans are narrow towards the leg that makes it your posture look to the point.

Eye-Catching design

The narrowness towards the jeans gives an illusion of slim fit and lean look. You might be by now eager to know about the material used in it. It has 78% cotton, 20% polyester and 2% elastane. The high amount of cotton makes the skinny jeans more comfortable long usages. The jeans by Signature can be machine washed and even you do not have to worry about the loss of color.

These jeans do not shrink after the first wash. So now you can buy the perfect size with the worry of shrinkage. You can find a variety of colors when it comes to choosing what suits you the best. These jeans have 5 pockets styling so now you can go out freely without any hassle of carrying a bag.

Whats More

These jeans have turned out to be popular in a very short time. These jeans are made by keeping the wearing convenience in mind and it has even paid off to it. If you are searching for jeans that will provide you comfort and style as well you should go out for these jeans without any second thought.

2LUV Women’s 5 Pocket Ankle Stretch Skinny Jeans

As per the name, the jeans by 2LUX have 5 pockets so now don’t worry about carrying a bag with you. You can take you essential and head on towards your destination.

Yes, this might not be a convenient though for long trips or a long day but it is a superb stress-free attire when it comes to the evening walk.


These skinny jeans are a must for all the seasons whether it is fall or winter. You will find many brands in the market that produces jeans that are uncomfortable; the most complained ones are those in which people sweat the most.

The sweating is mostly due to the material used in making the jeans. If the material used is cheap and the proportions used are not correct then it creates a sense of discomfort. The proportion of material used in making these jeans is accurate it consists of 80% polyester and 20% cotton. But what makes it different from other skinny jeans?


The thing that makes it different from others is the hem on the ankle. The hem on the ankle provides a different look to it that you will not find in any other jeans.


The shape of the jeans is perfect according to how some skinny jeans would look like, with narrow legs and stretchy as well. there is a range of bold colors that you can choose from while buying the jeans. As 2LUX has provided many bold colors for the jeans do the color stays of gets washed away?

This is a question that comes to most of us but the good news is the color does not fade and stays as it is after several washes. This is a quality piece that you can invest your money on. So next time when you think of buying skinny jeans let it be 2LUX 5 pocket jeans.

Wax Denim Women’s Juniors Distressed Slim Fit Stretchy Skinny Jeans

Ripped jeans are everywhere nowadays, then why don’t you give it a try. Yes, Wax is a clothing brand that makes jeans that are comfy and has a stylish look to it. This might not be a perfect fit for the official purposes but it will work excellently when it comes to wearing it on a casual account.

It will perfectly match with crop tops and well-fitted t-shirts. These skinny jeans have cuffed ends that make it look rough and different from others. On the other hand, they have not changed the 5-pocket feature in these jeans.


The 5-pocket feature is so convenient that no jeans brand wants to make a change to it. Wax jeans are machine washable. So, without any thoughts, you can through these jeans for your washing machine and rest while it gets cleaned. Whereas you do not even have to worry about the color to get fade away. the color of the jeans does not fade even after a number of washes.

So, wash your jeans whenever it is required with the tension of it to be of different color. But it is highly recommended to wash these jeans in cold water. The use of cold water will keep the fibers used in making these jeans in good condition.


These Wax jeans are made up of 51% cotton, 22% rayon, 25% polyester, and 2% spandex. These jeans are stretchable therefore these jeans make you look exactly what you are without making you look bulky or out of the figure.

If you are in search of ripped jeans then this brand can provide you with the best quality of jeans that you need.

Wax Women’s Juniors Basic Stretchy Fit Skinny Jeans

Not only Wax provides ripped jeans it is even a brand that produces basic stretchy jeans too. These jeans are comfortable to use and are super stretchy. You can easily pair up these jeans with one color or even strip shirts or cropped tops as well. this will even be a good match with fitted t-shirts too.


These are skinny jeans that are suitable for juniors. This is some common jeans that are worn by high school girls. It is their favorite attire because of its comforts and stretchability. You can up on high heels with these jeans and even sports shoes even do a fantastic job. Like the ripped jeans these junior basic jeans can be machined washed and it will not shrink.


The fibers used in the making of these jeans is so good that it prevents any shrinkage. Therefore, your jeans will remain the same as it is on the first day till the last. It is made of 82% cotton, 16% polyester, and 2% spandex. the range of colors is limited to these basic junior jeans.


There are four different colors that you can choose from. These jeans are of good quality and the customers have not figured out any defects in these. the difference between wax denim jeans and wax junior basic jeans is that it is not cuffed in the ends which makes it look elegant.

These jeans provide a great fit and it is remarkably good when it comes to the size of the jeans. If you are looking forward to buying jeans that are anti-shrinkable and that is even stretchable then this is something that you must try on. Try the wax jeans the next time you opt for jeans.

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Totally Shaping Skinny Jean

As the name suggests it is total shaping skinny jeans so these jeans are one of those that will make you look more elegant. Signature has made this with utter perfection so that your curves does look out of shape.

super stretchy

These jeans are super stretchy and then it comes to stretchy material Signature does its job very perfectly. They pay keen attention to it as their motive is to provide comfort to the customer. These are the type of jeans that love your shape and fits very well. you can pull out these jeans for any casual and as well as official purposes this has such a design that will look perfectly fine for any occasion.


You can pair these jeans with plain t-shirts and even with loose tops. One thing that I find disappointing is that it does not have a variety of color ranges. There is only one color available and that is Gala. This is a semi navy blue color.

The color is pretty posh but it would be great if Signature added some more color for this jeans type. When it comes to the quality of material Signature never compromises on this. The color does not fade and stays the same even after several washes. The jeans do not shrink and you will feel the same after every wash.


These jeans consist of 79% cotton, 19% polyester, and 2 elastane. These jeans are comfortable for everyday use and it is good for all the seasons. If you are in search of jeans that are stylish and even comfortable to use then Signature jeans is all that you need. Try these jeans once and you will not be able to turn away from it.

What’s More

“Life is too short to wear boring clothes” switch to those clothes that make you look elegant. Style does not always lie on those products that are expensive rather style is where you can carry a look perfectly.

It is very easy to find jeans everywhere and anywhere but it is up to you what you choose to wear. the jeans that are given above are those that are perfect for every body type. Check them out and find out which suits you the best. Always remember a saying by Rachel Zeo “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.