The Redragon M601 gaming mouse is a true definition of durability, quality, features, and value. It is a well-designed mouse that is built for serious gamers. The Redragon M601 is filled with a lot of amazing features that will change your mindset about gaming mouse. If you are a serious gamer then surely you might have used a number of the mouse for better experiences. But, being a user of Redragon M601 I can truly state that it’s amazing from the very first day. You will not even think of moving to something else when you are with Redragon M601.

What is it all about?

The Redragon M601 is absolutely stylish and comfortable to use as well. Its comfort and sleek look are only because of the smooth ergonomic design. The design of the Redragon M601 not only gives your gaming mouse a wonderful look but it even makes it perfect for the long duration of gaming sessions.

The support it provides to the mouse is unbeatable. So, when you switch to Redragon gaming mouse then you do not have worry about the duration and support. While moving on to the Redragon M601 sensor, it provides 3200 DPI sensor which means it offers you 15G of acceleration. This gaming mouse even has Teflon feet that that enhances the control. As for this, your targets will not be missed and you will be having an amazing experience while each session.

Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse Features

The Redragon M601 offers you a number of Pro features, for instance, programmable buttons, adjustable DPI, different gaming profile and adjustable weight tuning sets. With the help of these sets, you can adjust the weight of the gaming mouse according to your preferences.

This wired gaming mouse comes with anti-skid wheels and a red backlight that enhances the look of Redragon M601 mouse. One of the interesting parts is its high-speed data transfer. This gaming mouse consists of a 6 foot and 3mm braided fiber cable. It even has a gold plated USB connector. This truly helps in transferring data on the jet speed basis.

Here it goes, the pricing of Redragon M601. If these many features of this amazing mouse did not impress you then this surely will. The market of the gaming mouse is filled with super expensive products with minimum features. But this is not true for Redragon M601.

It is the best budget gaming mouse that you can find. Its price had amazed many of its buyers at the first stand.

So, by now its pretty obvious that you are eager to know how much you need to spend for this.


What are you thinking about? You have got all that you need the best features, great outlook long-term durability and above all the money that you need to spend. You won’t get everything at one stand, it’s a saying by most of the people but the Redragon M601 gaming mouse has proved this wrong.

Warm it Up
This is a product where you will find everything in a single short. So, go check this gaming mouse out to make your gaming experience like never before.