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When it comes to GPS tracking devices, it should be compact and able to provide you with real-time performance. Standing for its name, Prime Tracking GPS is a real-time location tracking device coming with mini size.

It’s a prime GPS tracking product that can be used to track different types of objects like vyncs gps tracker for vehicles in the market. What’s special about Prime Tracking Mini GPS Real-Time Location Tracker? This is our review of the product.

Virtually Undetectable

Coming with a tiny and compact size, Prime Tracking GPS is visually undetectable when used to track multiple objects. The dimension fits pockets, bags, vehicles, bicycles, strollers, and remain concealing in most application. The whole real-time location tracker is packed into this small-sized GPS. As you might have known, standard size of GPS tracking, even though the device is reliable for tracking, the tracked person can easily reveal them.

Support Multiple Devices

Prime Tracking GPS tracker supports and works on multiple devices and networks that flex your tracking experience. You can privately track any location from desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Prime Tracking GPS tracker would always work as long there is cellular service available. The tracker currently tracks anywhere in the US, Canada, and Mexico from anywhere, anytime.

Best Tracking Performance with 4G LTE

PrimeTracking GPS tracker already employs 4G LTE technology that allows a real real-time GPS tracking performance. The tracker can responsively capture and inform you of the location, direction, and movement of the vehicle. The technology allows the device to update the information every ten seconds you can access from your desktop interface or smartphone app. In the area covered with 4G networks, you can expect a truly real-time tracking performance with a PrimeTracking GPS tracker. You can use it to monitor your distribution fleet for logistics.

Competitive Plan

PrimeTracking GPS tracker is a subscription-based GPS tracking device but it offers a competitive plan. You can either choose one-month monitoring for $25 or 6-month plan for $20(per month). The SIM card is already included in the payment and the plans come with no contract or activation fees so you can cancel anytime. With such a competitive plan, you can use it like vyncs gps tracker for vehicles to monitor your employees, kids, vehicles, logistics, and other valuables.

Customer Review

PrimeTracking GPS tracker is currently available at Amazon with 4.4 out of 5 stars. Most users are satisfied with the use of PrimeTracking GPS tracker to monitor and stay connected with their valuables. Some unsatisfied customers refer to the monthly payment, inaccuracy, and heating issues.


PrimeTracking GPS tracker is definitely a considerable real-time GPS tracker despite vyncs gps tracker devices. Employing 4G technology, this tracking device can provide you a real real-time GPS tracking for all moving objects as long as there is cellular service available.

Most customers are also happy with the functionality and tracking performance that can be monitored through multiple devices. If you’re looking for a real-time GPS tracking device for the North America area, the PrimeTracking GPS tracker should be on your list.