The wired gaming mouse is still in? Yes, it is. In fact, many professional gamers still prefer this type of gaming mouse. PICTEK T16 is a decent wired gaming mouse with extensive features to support a robust gaming experience. The pictek gaming mouse is the advanced version of its predecessor, PICTEK T7 that has also gained popularity as one of the best wired gaming mouse’s. What are the advancements? This is our review on the PICTEK T16 gaming mouse.

Supreme Gaming Performance

PICTEK 16 is a high-performance gaming mouse featuring five spectrum of DPI levels that can stretch from 1200 to 7200 DPI. The pictek gaming mouse is super responsive but more importantly, the polling rate is adjustable to follow the current game speed. Each game has a different optimum polling rate whether it’s 125Hz, 250Hz, 500 Hz, or 1000 Hz. The compatibility would determine the speed and smoothness. PICTEK T16 can match the required speed for each game with an easy adjustment. This gaming mouse can support high FPS and MOBA games with no problems.

Programmable Buttons

It’s quite common for a gaming mouse to have programmable buttons but PICTEK T16 offers irresistible advantages. Not only the buttons allow you to have rapid performance, but they’re also programmable to assign more gaming controls. You can use the PICTEK software to program all buttons in PICTEK T16. The macro setup would extend your gaming experience by assigning your control preferences into the buttons. It reduces the gaps between you and your character.

High Quality and Ergonomic Design

PICTEK T16 comes with decent build quality and ergonomic design that enhances gaming experiences. The pictek gaming mouse can hold up to 20 million clicks so you can use it for extensive gaming force. PICTEK T16 comes with a symmetrical, ambidextrous design for comfort and firm use. Your hands won’t get fatigued even though using this wired gaming mouse for hours. The building design is considerably universal that cater to most hands’ sizes and shapes.

Moody Chroma RGB Backlit

It’s a signature feature of PICTEK’s gaming mouse where you the color of backlit can change based on the gameplay you’re playing. You change the color mode you like to improve your gaming experience. Changing the color for every different game you play would be no problem.

Customer Reviews

PICTEK T16 has a huge acceptance among professional gamers. The gaming mouse is currently available on Amazon with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most of them adore the overall performance, comfort, DPI quick change, grip, and build quality. Some critics are about decreasing performance or stop working after several months.


PICTEK T16 is undoubtedly a great gaming mouse to invest for high performance, programmable buttons, and high-quality build. Customer satisfaction has confirmed the technical specification of the gaming mouse. PICTEK T16 is an upgraded version of T7 with some advancement on accuracy and backlit feature. If you’re looking for a cool gaming mouse with reliable performance to suit diverse gaming styles, PICTEK T16 could be your best option.