last updated on November 3rd, 2020 at 06:13 am

Optimus GPS Tracker Case

GPS tracker is exposed to extreme weather when installed in a vehicle. Without protection, the extensive operation of the GPS tracker would damage the hardware and make it unusable.

Optimus Tracker Twin Magnet GPS Tracker Case comes as the solution to this problem. Keep reading and you’d know why you should invest in an optimus gps tracker case for your device.

Hold and Protect

The main functions of this case are to hold and to protect your GPS tracking device. The strong magnets are employed to stably hold the device while the waterproof case protects it from harmful exposure especially the harsh weather.

At this point, you can keep the GPS tracking working properly in any terrain. Some GPS tracking devices come with built-in magnets, but they’re certainly not reliable to hold shocks. Even if they can hang for a while, it doesn’t have ultimate protection like this GPS tracker case can provide.

Strongest Magnet

The GPS case employs the strongest magnet commercially available. Each optimus gps tracker case comes with a set of two Neodymium magnets or NdFeB.

GPS tracking devices need booth strength and stability of magnetic application or they would dislodge when operated. This feature makes Optimus Tracker Twin Magnet GPS Tracker Case perfect for vehicle usage.

Water-Resistant Construction  

Optimus Tracker Twin Magnet GPS Tracker Case has a watertight and resistant construction. It means that they can be still working even though soaked in the flood. Most GPS tracker isn’t waterproof nor water resistant where they would have to work in the watery environment. By using the optimus gps tracker case, you literally add the waterproof feature to your GPS tracking device and allows it to keep working even in a harsh environment.

Reliable Performance

Optimus Tracker Twin Magnet GPS Tracker Case is a high-performance utility that supports GPS tracking function in the most basic way. Law enforcement and private detectives are claimed to use this optimus gps tracker for vehicles on their operation. It has magnificent surveillance performance that would be suitable for your tracking application. If you’re tracking vehicles and other fast-moving assets, this case is all GPS tracking supplements you’d ever need.

Versatile Box

With its a protective-magnetic function, you can use this case for other possible purposes. It can hold your key and other objects with the size. The case is suitable for any GPS tracking device with the dimensions.

Customer Reviews

Optimus Tracker Twin Magnet GPS Tracker Case is undoubtedly a functional and beneficial gadget for GPS tracking devices. It’s currently available in Amazon with 4.5 out of 5 stars that demonstrate the satisfaction rate. All is good except some customers expect a shock-absorbing feature.


It is a legit utility to hold and protect your GPS tracking device. The waterproof construction and strong magnet you can expect this case support the extensive performance of your GPS tracking device. If you have a GPS tracker, this case is a must-have gadget.