last updated on November 3rd, 2020 at 04:57 am

A car phone mount is a decent gadget that helps you to access the phone while driving your car. It allows you to view and touch your screen steadily without holding the phone your hands. Mpow Car Phone Mount is one of the most popular car phone holders available in the market. This is our review you can as reference.

Ultimate Suction

The main issue of most car phone mounts is the weak suction that won’t last shocks, heats, and mild usage. The suction of this phone mount is undoubtedly strong and tight. It’s applicable in most surfaces of your car whether front view glass, dashboard, and other surfaces. The ultimate suction firmly holds the mount and the phone while you’re driving. Another good news is that even though the attraction is strong, it won’t leave a stubborn mark on your dashboard like other mounts usually do.

Expandable Mounting Platform

Mpow comes in telescopic arm platform that expandable up to a six-inch screen. It’s an ideal dimension where you can mount a standard size of a smartphone or a plain GPS device h. On the other hand, the mpow 051 car phone mount won’t block your view when driving the car. You can simultaneously view the phone and the road without confused or getting blocked by each other.

Full Rotation for Flexible Viewing

The car phone mount’s construction features the swivel ball head that allows 360-degree viewing. This way, you can more easily adjust the mounting to the best possible angle of view you desire. Get the most comfortable and clearest view of your phone for a safer driving experience. With this feature, you wouldn’t have to release and reapply the suction every time you need some adjustments.

The arm width is also adjustable to the actual size of the phone by pressing the button in the mpow car phoneinterface. It can cater to smartphones up to 6 inches of any make and model.

Protecting Mounting and Functional Design

Despite holding your phone firmly, the mpow mount protects your phone when mounted. The grip construction has sponge cushions all-around to fit the shape of your phone without damaging the case or pressing the screen. It has clear access to your phone’s mini usb port if you need recharge during the operation. This way, you can extend the performance of the phone whether its for GPS tracking or viewing other information.

Customer Review on this products

It’s clear that mpow is a decent car phone holder product compatible with the most smartphone with a screen up to six inches. It’s currently available at Amazon with 4.0 out of 5 stars. While most customers are satisfied, some minor critics target the durability issues on the suction mechanism that lasts for several months only.


It is a great car phone holder product for anyone who likes to drive with the phone mounted on their dashboard. The design, construction, and protection are three major reasons why you should choose Mpow Car Phone Mount over other similar products.