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GPS mileage tracker is a useful device to create mileage logs for trip purposes. The Mileage Ace is a trusted GPS tracker product that captures the log automatically with the wireless upload. It can accurately record the mileage just like your odometer. This our review of the mileage ace GPS Tracker product.

Unarguably Accurate

The Mileage Ace comes with a high-performance GPS that can rapidly capture the mileage with 99% accuracy. For every trip, the GPS Tracker can also capture exact addresses. This gives you advantages for audit and tax deduction maximization.

Besides, it’s very important to have an accurate GPS mileage tracker for more accurate travel logs. The accuracy is also backed up with unlimited mileage logs reports if you have any complain.

Upgrades on New Models

If you buy The Mileage Ace now, you’d get the new model that is featured with extensive upgrades. The GPS mileage tracker comes with an expanded internal memory capacity that can make the log for years.

Even though it’s also featured with an extended Wifi range, you may not require it as you can also upload the logs over USB. The new model is claimed to have an easier setup process and a lifetime unit warranty.

Reliable Performance

The Mileage Ace features customer online software that captures comprehensive travel logs. This employment allows the device not only to save the exact mile driven but also start-end date & time, address logs, and the tracked route/path.

These data are obtained automatically through WiFi upload when you part as the checkpoints. Operating the mileage ace GPS Tracker is super easy as it’s installed to your car, the tracker would turn on and off when your car does. Every trip you drive would be logged by The Mileage Ace comprehensively.

Cloud Storage

Another great feature of this GPS tracker is the full online system that uses cloud storage to keep the logs. There would be no hard drive failure or crashing software that can risk the data.

The use of cloud storage in the Mileage Ace also allows you to access the tracking log from anywhere through the app. The monthly plan already includes the cloud service to secure your logs for audit. No more faulty that risk your finance on taxes.

Customer Reviews on this Mileage Ace

The Mileage Ace is one of the best selling GPS mileage trackers you can find int he market. The new Mileage Ace is currently available for sale on Amazon with 4 out of 5 stars. While most customers are satisfied with the mileage tracking performance, there some critics on the Wi-Fi connection and the unconfigurable reports.


This is apparently a very functional gadget to keep your trip logs. The manufacturer has brought some irresistible improvements on the mileage ace GPS Tracker especially the employment of cloud storage.

If you’re looking for an affordable GPS tracker with good performance, The Mileage Ace could be your option.