last updated on November 3rd, 2020 at 05:40 am


When you need your smartphone or tablet on a standing position for desktop use, a standing tool would be a helpful gadget. There are thousands of phone stands in the market you can choose from, but Lamicall Cell Phone Stand deserves our review for strong reasons. The phone stand is a high-quality product with extensive advantages to stand your phone or tablet in the correct and most comfortable way. 

Universal Compatibility and Highly Functional

Even though the design is streamlined with the iPhone and other Apple devices, the lamicall cell phone stand actually has universal compatibility. The phone stand can support all smartphones and tablets from four to eight inches of screen size. It can stand most phone models issued by Samsung, Sony, LG, Moto, Google Pixel, Nexus, iPhone, and other brands.

Lamicall Cell Phone Stand transform your smartphone as a desktop phone and make your life way easier. Whether you want to enjoy entertainment or to view tutorials when crafting or cooking something, this cell phone stand is incredibly helpful. This phone stand is highly functional for modern people.

Reliable Construction and Fascinated Design

Instead of plastics, the manufacturers use an aluminium alloy for construction. A long phone desktop usage like for video calling, watching youtube, or video conference requires a stable stand, something that stand can provide you with.

Don’t worry about scratching issues like on others stands, Lamicall Cell Phone Stand has built-in non-slip pads that protect your phone’s case and surface, no worries.

Despite its sturdy construction, it also comes with a premium finish, so visually pampering. The design of this lamicall desktop cell phone stand comprehends a complete desktop usage including employing a hole in the backside of the stand where your data cable can freely access your phone for data transfer or charging.

Your phone can conveniently dock on the cradle without pressing the cable. Of course, this feature would only usable if your phone is on the horizontal position and the charging port is in the bottom.

Comfy Viewing

Even though not adjustable, It is smartly constructed with a super comfy viewing angle. While lamicall cell phone stand provides comforts for a desktop viewing when you seating, you can still view what’s on your screen when you’re standing as well.

This allow you to have a simultaneous view on your phone screen even when in a multitasking situation. As you might have known that viewing angle is the major issue of those phone stands available in the market.

Customer Reviews

This is one of the most favorite phone stands available online. You can find this product on Amazon with 4.8 out of 5 Stars, so excellent. Most customers are satisfied with the quality, design, and functionality. Some minor critics target the service and they expect it to be adjustable.


Lamicall Cell Phone Stand has most qualities you can expect from a desktop phone holder. If you’re looking for a phone stand online, Lamicall Cell Phone Stand could be your best option in Amazon.