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Vyncs tracker is a 3G vyncs gps tracker that works in 177 countries around the world. There is a spectrum of GPS tracking devices available in the market but having a global-ranged GPS tracking service allows you to get a more flexible performance.

It’s an OBS GPS tracker ideal for vehicle usage connected to vehicle services.  It is also one of the best GPS tracking devices that support Alexa.

Global model at Affordable Price

It is a subscription-based global tracking device that comes with an affordable monthly payment($8) with no contract. The device itself is priced under $50.

Despite the US, this gps tracker can actually work in 177 other countries. The global tracking service uses a 3G data plan with no activation charged for the service. For the data plan, the company also offers a flexible monthly payment process for users.

Fully Featured Real-Time GPS Tracking

Vyncs tracker features real-time 3G GPS tracking performance with complete features. The device can be plugged into the OBD-II port in your vehicle to work, and you can start tracking it.

With a live map auto refresh feature, the Vyncs tracker can provide GPS update every 60 seconds. Furthermore, you can also obtain more monitoring and alert features including geofences, trips, fuel reports, driver alerts, and vehicle diagnostic. The real-time performance of vyncs gps tracker is supported by the employment of a dedicated nano accelerator. These allow the tracker to capture the fast movement of the vehicle.

Limited 24/7 Road Emergency Assistance

Vyncs tracker includes roadside emergency assistance into the service but it’s only available in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. You can either ask the company to send their mechanic fleet to assist you in the road.

Otherwise, you cant take advantage of technical support, online chat, or phone call. This way, you can basically obtain support for your auto problems in many forms as you can’t contact the mechanic nearby.

Mobile App with Intuitive Features

Vyncs tracker comes with a decent mobile app with intuitive features. Despite real-time tracking, The app would report the battery health, fault codes, OBD diagnostics, and fuel level whenever supported.

It also reminds you of the maintenance schedule and personalized fuel-saving tips. The user interface is quite friendly so that you can access the information easily. 

Customer Reviews on this Products

With extensive features and global, you can widen and flex the tracking performance with this tracker. Vyncs tracker is currently available at Amazon with 3.7 out of 5 stars.

The reviews aren’t too good as some users experience some issues on the reports and activation fees. It’s a great idea to confirm these things to the manufacturer before purchasing one.


Vyncs tracker is undoubtedly a great 3G GPS tracking devices to consider for vehicles. With a competitive monthly plan and affordable hardware, it could be a cost-saving solution for real-time tracking performance. Furthermore, mobile features and roadside assistance inclusion are definitely irresistible.