Looking for a responsive optical gaming mouse with truly gaming-standard specs? You may consider Cougar 700M EVO gaming mouse. It’s a visual-provoking gaming mouse with all features every gamer dream of. Maintaining its wired construction, it offers a great gaming experience with high-performance control.

Adjustable Palm Rest

We can’t resist putting this feature on the first point when it comes to Cougar 700M EVO. The cougar gaming mouse comes with an adjustable palm that enhance the compatibility and comfort of the usage. You can literally adjust the height and forward-backward positioning of the mouse. It doesn’t stop there, the manufacturer also includes second smaller palm rest in this way, you can have the best possible grip position and optimally use the gaming mouse to control your character, that’s just perfect.

Perfect Tracking Performance

Cougar 700M EVO comes with the notorious PMW3389 sensor that give you a reliable tracking performance on fast-paced gameplay. The sensor of cougar gaming mouse can support up to 16000 DPI that give you super accurate and responsive gaming control. The DPI is also adjustable with 12 switchable levels, more than any common gaming mouses. This feature also allows Cougar 700M EVO to accommodate diverse playing styles including yours with smooth controls adjustable to your preferences.

Strong and Durable Construction

It couldn’t be resisted that Cougar 700M EVO has a very strong and durable build quality. It’s a gaming-standard mouse featuring aluminum skeletal structure and high-quality materials. While Cougar 700M EVO doesn’t look too compact, it’s actually lightweight and magnificently durable. The metal construction adds durability but it’s genius to use the aluminum to keep the lightweight. Don’t get wrong, the manufacturer also includes four weights you can add into the mouse based on your preferences. This gaming mouse would help you through extended and rough gaming performance.

Fully Configurable Buttons

Cougar 700M EVO comes with three onboard profiles or side plates with eight buttons that are fully configurable. There are tens of functions you can access with configured profiles including shortcuts, macros, key combination, and so forth. You can assign particular controls to these buttons and expand your gaming experiences. This also makes you resilient at any game you play.

Customer Reviews

Cougar 700M EVO is one of the most prominent wired gaming mouses every gamer should have. The cougar gaming mouse product is currently available on Amazon with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Cougar 700M EVO has satisfied most buyers with it’s adjustable and configurable features as well as the accurate control performance.


Cougar 700M EVO is undoubtedly a unique gaming mouse with two major advantages: configurable and adjustable. Not only does it provide you with high-performance controls, Cougar 700M EVO offer the most comfortable grip you can adjust to fit your palm and gaming style. If you’re looking for a more personalized gaming mouse, you should consider Cougar 700M EVO as your option.