Combating gaming mouse 4800

The Combater wing gaming mouse as elegant and highly efficient as its look. You cannot turn your eyes on it due to its outlook. The white bright color and with the metallic detailing gives the mouse a standard view. Not only the look of the combat wing mouse will amaze you but even its features will blow your mind. Here is a brief Combating mouse review.

All That You Need to Know.

As its name suggests “Combat”, it is the mouse with this feature in it. It has a number of functions that will make your gaming experience better than it was before. First of its feature is the glamorous LED light effect. This Combating mouse has a programmable LED light effect.

Combating Mouse Modes

You will be able to figure out 3 modes of light in this gaming mouse. One is the standard effect, secondly the respiration effect and lastly the neon effect. For the backlight, you are provided with a number of colors. So now you can change the colors as per your choice and desire. You can even turn off the lights in this Combating gaming mouse.

This gaming mouse is easy to handle. It is built by keeping your comfort in mind. It is lightweight and built with aluminum chassis. This material helps in the rigidity of the mouse making it durable. On the other hand, it has intelligent connectivity feature.


You do not require any codes to connect it to your pc all you need to do is plug it and play. The plug and play feature is one of the reasons why customers like this gaming move. You can now customize your DPI settings, you are given here four DPI settings up to 4800. The DPI button on the Combating mouse helps you to change your DPI setting as per your preferences.

There are 10 programmable buttons on the Combater wing gaming mouse. So now you can have full and satisfying control over your game and target. It is surely perfect for gaming and this is because of the design of it. This Combating mouse gives a perfect hand feel. The most important part of any gaming mouse is its control.


If you can control your mouse in a proper way then you will have a better chance of winning the game. But this is only possible when your mouse fit under your hand perfectly. The Combating mouse is perfect in this case. The combat wing mouse driver has adopted 3050 chip which makes it more stable and fast.

The Combater wing mouse driver is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2000, ME and the latest versions. While moving on to the specification of Combating mouse, the size of the mouse is 13 x 7.8 x 3 cm. the Combating wire gaming mouse weights around 5.4 oz. on the other hand you will be provided with a CD and English user manual that will assist you to operate the mouse smoothly.

Warm Up

A gaming mouse with these many features must be tried by every gamer. It is even one of the affordable mouses in the market as well.  So, give this mouse a try if you want to have great experience of gaming. All you need to do is order it from Amazon today and enjoy your gaming sessions like never before.