Nowadays security has the main concern for most of us. We all are worried about our beloved and belongings. But what if you can keep an eye on your assets and loved ones at the same time. Yes, you can surely do this without any extra afford. FBI burglary department has stated that 1 in every 3 homes fall as a victim of burglary due to not having security systems in them.

Most of you might be thinking that your home is safe from burglary and this can never happen to you but did you know that the rate of burglary has increased at a rapid rate over the years.

Hence you can be the next victim as your security systems are vulnerable. In the market for security cameras that are tones of the product but the question is what should you buy? But we are with the solution that you are in need of now.

Today’s review is about cameras, it is those cameras that will make your life a bit easier than before. Here are the top 5 security cameras that you will help you to be safe from intruders and their unwanted visits.

Nest Security Camera

The Nest company is manufacturing security cameras for years now. They aim to provide their customers with complete security with all type of advancements. They have always kept their customers’ needs in the first place and even comes forward with advancements that are best to provide quality services.

The Nest camera is weatherproof that means you are safe from rain and shine. The white next cam outdoor has an aesthetic allegiance to it.

The next camera is able to survive in the harsh drenching rain and can even tolerate the scorching sunlight. You do not require any stand to fix this camera, there is a magnetic base that will help you to screw toy camera on the wall easily.


While moving on to the performance the 10 infrared sensors ensure best video quality. Whereas when it comes to the audio the microphone is good enough to convey the message.

Design of this Security Camera

The resolution of the camera is 1080p but the default is 720p and we think that this mode is pretty fine for you to identify what is happening in your outdoors. It has a build in microphone and a speaker as well. by this, you can hear and convey the audio for the reason of communication. The most interesting part of the camera is that you will find apps on your iOS and Android devices for this. With the help of the app, you can view the things that are happening from anywhere.

This is good and comfortable for the people who stay far from their home for different purposes. This app even allows you to customize notification settings and motion zones. For instance, with the help of the companion app, you can set a motion zone and suppose the motion zone is your door so whenever your door will be opened you will instantly receive a notification.


It is an easy installment device and will be provided with all the equipment that is required to install this security camera. Once your security camera is installed the camera you can then connect is with the next companion app to be up to date will what is happening at your home.

What’s more

The motion sensor is very good in this home security camera and it can fairly differentiate between animals and people. On the other hand, you do not have to worry about the low battery problems as this camera does not run on battery. you can find it on with may other offers. Just give it a try and see the difference it brings to your home security.

Arlo Pro System – 3 Hd Security Camera

Arlo pro-security camera is the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor uses. Now you can keep an eye on your loved things no matter where ever it is. Arlo pro-security camera has a lot of similarities with the original Arlo camera.

This home security camera needs CR123 batteries for one single camera and you will get a single rechargeable battery with Argo pro. It is a weatherproof camera so no matter what the condition is outside you can have a clear view of what is happening.

Features of this HD Security Camera

You will even get free cloud storage, this means from this moment you do not have to worry about the short memory. So now forget about any data loss. Not only does your security camera records everything but even you can customize to some selected places and only record those places.

On the other hand, you can even live view a particular place of your home. This home security camera comes with a rechargeable battery. So now there will be no interception while it comes to the security part. Not only this camera views any intruder but it will even help in catching them red-handed.

There is a feature of smart siren alarm. This alarm will start ringing when motion or sound is detected. This wireless security camera has the feature of two-way audio. The listen and talk help you to listen to what’s going on outside your home and at times even you can talk to the person who is out.

local storage

You can even store the recordings in the local storage. With the help of the USB, you can take the recording into any of your storage options and then use them later. The requirements of this home security camera are high-speed internet connection.

A minimum of 1 Mbps upstream is recommended. An extra available port and an Arlo power adaptor is also required. You can find this security camera in any of Amazon outlets. This camera is easy to use and has a variety of features. This is something that you surely need for your home security.

Funlux Wireless Two-Way Audio Home Security Camera

If you want to keep an eye on the people and place you care the most about then Funlux wireless security camera is here to provide a smart and advance way to fulfill that need. No matter what you are using, whether it’s a mobile, tablet, computer or laptop with the Funlux app you can see what is happening all around.

This wireless security camera can record 24 hours and you can watch these recordings on you Cloud anywhere you like. You can stay connected to your home even if you are not near. You will be receiving an alert when there is a motion detected.

Features of this Wireless Camera

So, let’s now dive into the features in detail. You can view the live footages of your home on your mobile phone. The resolution of the video is 720p that is pretty clear for a security camera to provide. The security camera is equipped with a 2.1 mm lens.

This mini Wi-Fi camera even provides 115° wide angle view. So, a large part is taken care of with this smart camera. And the interesting part is that you won’t even need to tilt the camera at all. Another interesting feature is the two-way audio. The built-in microphone in the camera helps you listen and talk to your family members.

The volume is even adjustable and this can be done by the app. You will find that most of the camera with night vision feature shifts into black and white mode at night. But this is not true for Funlux wireless security camera. This camera even has a motion detector, so whenever there is an unexpected motion it will send you a notification. This can even be deactivated when you no longer require it.


You can do the deactivation through the Funlux app on your desired devices. The requirements for this Funlux wireless security camera are iOS 7.0 or up and Android 4.0 or up smartphones. You need a 2.4 GHz network. Finally, this camera is only compatible with WPA or WPA2encryption type.

When you receive the Funlux wireless security camera you will find 3 wireless cameras, 3 power supplies, and a user guide. You will easily find this product on So, do not forget to check it out. If you need a security camera that is smart and as well as advanced then you can surely try this product out.

A-ZONE 4 Channel 1080P DVR 4x 960P Full HD Waterproof 100ft Night Vision Indoor/Outdoor Home Cctv Video Wired Surveillance Kits

When it comes to night vision camera we always imagine images that are a blur and shake. But now remove these assumptions as A-Zone has brought forward surveillance camera that will give you clear images during the night time.

This surveillance camera is a weatherproof camera that means it will safe from dust, water, and heat. It is even anti interference proof and has anti-aging characteristics. So, this camera can be installed in a variety of environment. This camera has 30 m night vision that will provide you a crystal sharp image. The video quality of this surveillance camera is pretty good.

HD resolution

The resolution is 1080p. this is a security camera that is suitable for both home and business purposes. The motions detection of this security camera is advanced and smart as well. even the slightest motion detection will be recorded and this will be notified to the owner.

There will be a notification sent to your smartphone immediately. There is even the feature of customizing the motion detection area. So you can deactivate the motion detector when needed so that you are not disturbed by any false alarm.


You should install a hard drive so that the camera can record videos without any obstacle. The security camera is easy to set up. All you need to do is scan the QR code and the camera will be set up in a matter of seconds. You will then get real-time streaming and you can even view everything on multiple devices.


You can even view from the browser that is been provided and even on a smartphone. This surveillance camera has a guarantee of 45 days replacement and 2 years of warranty. You will even acquire free lifetime tech support.

This security camera can record on multiple modes. It is easy to install this security camera but if you face any problem you can take help of the CD that is been provided with the camera.

This CCTV camera will make your life a bit easier than before as you can keep an eye on the places you require. Hence this will even provide a sense of satisfaction. this is an excellent kit for your home and office. To order this product check and get one for yourself today.

EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p Outdoor Surveillance System, 8 Weatherproof HD Security Cameras, 8 Channel 2TB DVR Storage, 100ft Night Vision, Customizable Motion Detection

The EZVIZ company has brought forward a premium package.  This surveillance kit is a complete solution to all that you need for the security of your home. This kit provides you 8 cameras that means you can keep an eye on 8 different places in your home.


In the cameras, there are built in 2TB security grade hard drive. This helps you to record the activities that are happening all day long. You can view the recording from anywhere and at any time. There is an EZVIZ app that helps you so you can check everything on your smartphone screen in no time and all of them on one screen too.

So now check your home and office whenever you have an internet connection. The advanced motion detection can be easily customized with the help of the app. Any motion that is been detected will be recorded and this will be notified to you. You will receive the notification on your mobile as soon there is an unexpected motion recorded.

notification alert

You can even restrict the notification alert when you think that this is a false alarm. This is completely done with the help of the app. To safeguard your privacy and have strong reliance on the cameras, the company has ensured that these cameras are IP66 certified. This camera is able to operate in extreme temperature that is from -40°F to 140°F. there are multiple layer security done and even end to end video encryption for the protection of the data is even performed. With this surveillance, kit will be attaining lifetime tech support and free 12 months warranty.


If you are in any need of help regarding the CCTV camera kit then you can connect yourself to the technology experts. This is only a chat away from you. You can even upgrade the system by only pressing one button. For more aid, you can even check the user guide that will be available with the package. you can find this whole premium kit on so, without any more delay go and get yourself this kit.

Warm Up

There are a lot of security cameras that you will be able to find in the market. There are cameras with different range and type. But the one that I have mentioned here are some of the low end as well as high-end security cameras.

Our first priority is to ensure our safety and these cameras that are mentioned above will provide security with best and smart features. Check all of them out and make your life safe and peaceful.