Are you searching for a perfect solution to get your online streaming fixed and even HD contents on TV? Then the solution to this is best quality HDMI cables. You will be able to find a number of cables in the market. But are these safe to use and will those provide you with the best quality service?

This is all that we think before buying an HDMI cable. On the other hand, the functionalities of TV accessories have increased and there have been huge changes made, therefore choosing the right cable has even become a task of finding the pin from hay.

But you do not have to worry anymore as we are right here with the solution. Given below are the 5 best cables that are equipped with advanced features. So, check them out carefully to find one for yourself.

Blue Rigger Rugged High-Speed HDMI 2.0 Cable

If you are a gaming and movie freak then you surely need to get this cable. The Blue Rigger high-speed HDMI cable is a premium quality cable that is apt for your gaming and home theater needs. These cables support all resolutions up to 1440p.


The Blue Rigger is capable of supporting all the advanced HDMI features. For instance, audio return, Ethernet and 3D. Blue Rigger has introduced the new rugged series to provide better performance. But what is the advantage of this rugged high-speed cable?

Due to the rugged advancement, the cables become durable and the nylon braided construction increases the longevity of the cable. On the other hand if you have pets at you home then this rugged feature will save it from any sort of damage.

There are a variety of lengths that you can choose from. It starts with 3ft and ends at 25ft. this Blue Rigger rugged high-speed HDMI cable is backward compatible with all the previous features.

Compatibility of this HDMI Cables

There are cables in the market that are do not have the backward compatibility in them, they are only capable of working efficiently with the current devices. But this is not the case for Blue Rigger high-speed cable. Connect this cable to any device and you will find it doing the work efficiently.

While you two devices having different HDMI standards, you will be able to figure out that it easily gets connected with the best connection. This cable is durable and protects against corrosion. It is built with the pure copper conductor as well as triple cable shielding. It even has 24K gold-plated metal jacket connector

So, you can now clearly understand that the Blue Rigger cable is a premium cable. This premium certified HDMI cable is compatible with all HDMI components. Such as the Blue Ray player, Apple TV, Xbox One, PS4 and so on. The Blue Rigger high-speed cable has a limited lifetime warranty. And if you are a customer from the US then you have the opportunity to get US-based customer support.

It is a durable product which will last for very long. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate this product 4.5 because of its features and advancement from other HDMI cables.

Ultra Clarity Cables

If there were no HDMI cables available then can you imagine what your house and office would look like? Just imagine your house find with a number of cables here and there. This would surely look like a web of cables and some fine day you would be the one to tremble on them. Surely life has become easier with the innovations that are been made in the field of cables.

Anything messy makes the life complicated and so does cables too. Ultra-Clarity Cables stands up to its name in this case very successfully. The quality control is really good in the case of this cable. Each of the HDMI cables is 1.5 ft. the cables go has to face rigorous testing.

Best Quality Cables

The testing is basically done to ensure that the cables provide the best quality output. It is done to check the steady signal connection, the optimum streaming, crisp imaging and for no interference and flickering.

While moving on to the standard of the Ultra Clarity Cables, this high-speed HDMI cable clarifies to have the latest version that is version 2.0b. it is even backward compatible and provides a good quality service previous version.


This best HDMI cable provides maximum quality performance so that you will attain a whole new level of gaming and home theater experience. Then comes the performance sector of this high-speed HDMI cables.

The ultra-clarity cable supports the transmission of high dynamic range videos, 48 bit/p color depth, 60Hz at 4K resolution and the bandwidth speed is up to 18GBps. This high-speed cable is compatible with HDTV, Apple TV, Roku, PS4, Xbox one, blue ray player, computer, cable boxes.

This HDMI cable is of 1.5 feet, it even has corrosion resistant gold plated connector, metal jacket and triple shielding with copper conductor. This HDMI cable is durable because of the nylon braiding on it. The Ultra Clarity Cables come with a 1-year warranty and US bases consumer support.

The price might seem high for the first time but do not let go the qualities that you are going to attain from this cable. On a scale of 1 to 5, the Ultra Clarity Cables can be rated as 4.5. So, if the price is the one disappointing you then remember that best quality is what you are in need of now.

Fusion4k High-Speed 4k HDMI Cable

Fusion 4K is a company that has introduced the 4K high-speed HDMI cable. But before moving on to the features of Fusion 4K cables, it is important to know what is 4K all about. 4K denotes ultra high definition and this is a horizontal resolution. It is in the order of 4000 pixels. By this, you can imagine the quality of its performance.


The 4K HDMI cable works smoothly with the new 4K high definition television. these cables are the new era of virtual reality. The bandwidth speed of this cable is up to 18 Gbps, it even provides 32 audio channels and has 4 times the more clarity compares to that of others.

Due to the high dynamic range, it has the capacity to provide a wide and rich range of colors. The color that appears is more bright and clear.

For instance, much bright white and much darker blacks. By the use of this cable, you will be able to experience 3D home theater experience. The Fusion4k cable can connect with blue ray player, smart 3D, media PC, Apple TV, PS3, PS4, Xbox and the list goes on.

Additional Feature

The additional feature of this Fusion 4K is this cable even supports HDMI 2.0 A and HDMI 2.0 which provides 4K ultra high definition compatibility. With the Fusion 4k cables, you can organize and host in a large venue like concerts, outdoor theaters, professional broadcast events, and large presentations.

This cable is even different from others in the prospect of looks too. This cable even has a dynamic look to it. The black and silver combination makes it look classy and attracts the attention of any user at a glance.


There are a number of variations in the length of the cable that you will find. It starts from 1.5 feet to 50 feet. Yes, this is a high-end product when it comes to HDMI cables.

On the other hand, you can let go of the quality and features this cable provides. The manufacturers of this cable have made sure that it does not interrupt or disrupt the quality it has promised to provide and there is no such complaints registered of this kind. This is surely an HDMI cable that you should look forward to for having the best quality of picture and sound.

Ibra Orange Gold Series – Latest HDMI 2.0 Cable

The HD zone brings forward their latest and advanced HDMI cables that are the IBRA orange gold series. It is the high-quality cable that you will find in the market. It is marked a new benchmark in the industry of cables.

It is among those few cables that are capable to operate on 4K at 60HZ. This high-speed HDMI cable is thicker than other cables. But this not discourage the consumers from buying this cable because of its quality. It is stated by most of the consumers that the thicker the cable is the better it becomes.


Most of the cables that you find in the market are thin but did you know that that thin cable contains cheap wiring. The IBRA orange gold series uses thicker 28 AWG wiring and this enables the 18 GBPS speed. When it comes to the picture and sound quality, this 4K high-speed cable provides high-quality picture and sound.

Addition to this it even supports internet connection too and there is no need to have any extra Ethernet cable.

It is even possible to make an internet connection between different devices. While moving on to the construction of this HDMI high-speed cable, it is building with 24K gold plated and it 99.99% oxygen free copper conductor.

It even has a nylon protection layer that prevents the wire from corrosion. The oxygen free copper conductor that is present in the cable prevents any data loss and keeps conductivity high.

High-Quality HDMI cable

This HDMI cable is constructed with high-quality material so that there is best contact connection made between the cable and the HDMI equipment. In the case of loss-free transmission, there is corrosion resistant in the cables. This 4k high-speed cable has a flexible design; it is safe to use and environmentally friendly.

On the packaging side of the product, you will find the HDMI cable and a user manual that will guide you with how you can use the cable and every do’s as well as don’ts.

According to the features attached to it, this cable is an inexpensive one to buy. If you are thinking of buying a cable then you must try having this at the first stand.

Kabeldirekt TOP Series High-Speed HDMI-HDMI 4k Cable With Ethernet

The use of cable differs from one person to another. Some use it for the purpose of entertainment and others for work. No matter what the reason is Kabel Direkt cables are capable of doing both. While I was opting to buy cables, my main objective was to buy for the reason of entertainment. Then Kabel Direkt is where I ended up.


The cables by Kabel Direkt are the perfect match if you are searching for a cable for entertainment purpose. With this, you can experience the core and true power of home entertainment.

The high-speed HDMI has all the previous and present features. this 4k high-speed cable is built with full metal conductor along with aluminum foil and aluminum braiding.

You will even find this cable to have 24k gold plated connector as well as oxygen free copper.

With these many high-quality metals associated with the cable, you can surely buy this with the confidence of getting the best quality pictures as well as loss-free transmissions. Not only it provides the best quality picture but even sounds too.

Best HDMI Cables in Market

Kabel Direkt is the best HDMI Cables in the market. The cable helps in transmitting high-resolution sound. The good side of using this HDMI cable is that you do not require any ethernet cable. This makes the cable life easier. The cables in this company are durable and reliable. The corrosion resistant and gold-plated connector help in delivering maximum signals and transfer of lower distortion.

Worth buying

Kabel Direkt is a German-based company that produces fine cables. Each and every cable goes under 5 stages of the quality test. These tests are performed for the sake to provide the consumers with the best quality products. A product with a feature that is outstanding is worth buying.

The cables that are mentioned above are some of the best HDMI cables that you can find. If you are in need of best quality cable then this is the best guide that you can choose from. There is a lot of cables that you can find in the market but finding the best is a difficult task. These cables are even priced effective as well.