Choosing a GPS tracker for car might be an overwhelming experience for you. Trust us. There are lots and lots of companies which are selling GPS trackers for the cars. And it is really a matter of headache to choose the best one which fits your needs.

But you don’t have to worry about it as you have landed on the right place. By this article we will try to help you to choose the best hidden car GPS tracker for your car.

While buying a GPS tracker, you need to check several things. The first one is your budget.

It is the most important one. You cannot go for a good GPS tracker if your budget is really tight. And then you have to consider the battery life and needs. This is the most important thing after budget.

And lastly, you have to look for the functions. Features vary GPS tracker to GPS tracker even in Cell Phone Stand. That is why; you have to analyze all the features that that tracking device is providing. Then you have to compare between a couples of devices.

To make your job easy, we have illustrated about top 5 GPS tracking devices of world. Let’s have a look on these.

1. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker

This hidden car GPS tracker weighs only 2.11 ounces. While you are receiving a GPS signal,gps-tracker a green light on the front of the device will be blinking. There is a USB port on the left side of this device. On the right side of this hidden car GPS tracker, there is a SIM card slot.

Let’s come to the feature of this GPS tracker for the car. Astonishingly, there is no app available for this GPS tracking device.

Yes, there is no standalone Spy Tec app. To track this device you have to go to on a website. For the mobile phone user, there is a mobile phone version of this website is available.

Generally, users track the car with the help of their mobile phones. It’s not possible to track your vehicle with your desktop or laptop all the time.

The website where you track your device gives you the interface of Google map. You can change the Google map with Google Earth.

One thing we should definitely say you that the desktop users get extra benefits while using this website.

2. GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0

This GPS tracker is very small in size. This is what makes it very much portable.  This hidden car GPS tracker can be placed anywhere in your car because of your portability and size. There is a motion sensor in this GPS tracker. It actually enhances the battery life of the GPS tracking device.

gps-tracking-deviceHow does it do it?

Well, it just helps the GPS tracker to enter into the standby mode while not in the active mode. This is how the motion sensor helps to increase the battery life of this GPS tracker.

Isn’t it cool?

You can track your vehicle continuously by using their website with google maps When the central button of the GPS tracker is pressed, you will receive alerts at your predefined mobile numbers as well as your emails.

You will also receive an alert from this hidden car GPS tracker for the excessive speed of your vehicle. This is not the end. You will receive an alert while you are entering at a predefined area. It will alert you when the tracker itself is low in charge as well.

Now, let’s talk about the signal power of this device. The signal of this GPS tracker can go through fabrics or plastic under a car seat.  You can place this GPS tracking device even under your car.

But before placing it at any place permanently, we suggest you test its compatibility with that place so that you will find the place that suits your GPS tracker most.

Have we mentioned that there are both iPhone and Android app available for this cool GPS tracker?

Yes, both the iPhone and Android phone users can use this hidden car GPS tracker without any hesitation.

3. Strong Magne GPS Tracker

This tracker is one of the best tracking devices because of its features. You can get the tracking history of past 6 months out of this device. You can track your vehicle from your computer. gps-tracker-for-carWhat we amaze about this tracking device is its battery life.

After a throughout the analysis, we can assure you that among all of those tracking devices, it has got a powerful and long lasted battery. You may be asking why.

Then I must tell you that if you charge it for one, it will last for the whole month. Yes, you have read it right. For the whole month, it will provide you services without any hindrance.

Both for iPhone and Android mobile users this tracking device has apps to operate. We prefer this device as it is a waterproof tracking system as well. For this waterproof feature, you can place this device outside part of your vehicle as well.

Now, let’s come to the main point. It has four strong magnets on its back so that you can cling this device on any metal part of your car.

4. Accutracking VTPlug TK373 3G Real-Time Online GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker

Now it’s no longer hard to track your vehicle as Accutracking VTPlug TK373 3G Real-Time Online GPS OBD is here to your rescue. It is a 3G OBD tracker, on the other hand, the roaming SIM card provides the best coverage.

It provides you a number of facilities. Such as no auto billing, no activation fee, no cancelation fee, and no hidden fees.

It even provides discounts on quarterly or yearly payments. With the addition to that, you will even attain 7 days of free trial time. You do not have to worry about the installment of the device as it is easy to install.

vehicle-tracking-system All you need to do is plug the device into the vehicles OBD port II and get set go. You do not have to worry about wiring as that is not necessary at all.

It is so compatible that you can switch this from one vehicle to another with any hassle. But you must keep one thing in mind that this device is not compatible with Mitsubishi cars. It is a real-time online GPS tracking and also 24×7. It is so helpful for any vehicle owner as it records 30 days of history.

So you can now check where your vehicle has been.

The most interesting part of this device is that it notifies you about geofence, speed, ignition/ACC, unplug, harsh braking/acceleration/turning, check engine light ON alert through text or emails.

This device has been so intelligently built that will make you aware of every detailed tracking reports, starting from stops to car maintenance status.

This device is been given to you with a lifetime warranty and has excellent reception with GPS antenna and build in GSM.

5. Tile-Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder – 1-pack

Are you worried about losing your valuable things such as keys, wallets, and phone? Then this product definitely means for you. Tile mate is a device that helps you to locate your objects those are out of your site.

hidden-tracking-devices-for-cars It is the bestselling Bluetooth tracker and this time it has gone 25% smaller. The tile mate fits easily into your keychain and makes your work easier. Connect the tile mate to your phone and make it ring with the help of your phone when it is nearby you but out of your site.

You will be surprised to know that time maker is the world’s largest lost and found network. But what if your phone gets lost? Tile mate even has the perfect solution for this. All you need to do for finding your phone is just press the button on the tile mate twist and your phone will start to ring even if it is on silent.

If the thing you are searching for is out of the range then the tile mate will provide you with the details as to where it was located lastly. Then with the help of the direction shown in the app, you can search for your device near that location. It is easy to use the device. The battery life of tile mate is one year from shipment.

The accuracy of this device is up to the mark but the accuracy can be affected due to the physiological location of the device and even different movements. Overall this is a really good product if you want your valuable things to be on your site.