So, you are trying to choose the best gaming mouse for you. I can assure you after finishing this article, you will get the best fit for you. In this article, I will provide you the name of the top ten best gaming mouse currently in the marketplace based on pricing, features and comfortless.

Now, before starting the reviews I want to let you know what to consider while buying a gaming mouse. I will write some key points. And that will be all for you. Even if the trend changes, it would not be difficult for you to choose the best gaming mouse out of tons of mice if you consider these points.

Laser versus optical:

It is said that the heart of a mouse is its sensor. There are basically three types of sensor- infrared, optical and laser.

The laser sensor is the most common one. Laser mouse tends to have a higher lift-off distance than the optical mouse. This is bad for the gamers for some cases. I am not explaining it as this is another broader topic. Just know that the professional gamers, in most cases choose an optical mouse over laser mouse. But now, the mouse companies are making the tremendous quality of laser mice.

Left Handed or Right Handed:

If you are a left-handed gamer then you must choose the fittest mouse for you as options for the left-handed gamers are really limited. I am a left-handed gamer as well. So, if you are a left-handed gamer as well, then don’t think too much. I have put a couple of good mice for the left-handed mouse in this list.

Claw grip versus palm grip:

There are generally two methods of holding a mouse. You hold the mouse within these two options. The first one is claw grip where the mouse is held by the tips of the fingers. The other one is a palm grip where the palm does the job. So, as per your satisfaction choose the claw gripped mouse or palm gripped mouse. It’s totally up to your satisfaction.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

This mouse is an updated version of Proteus core with full 16.8 million color RGB backlighting. These two are nearly identical. Not that big updates. As Proteus Core was considered to be one of the best gaming mouses, this updated version is no different.

Logitech says that this mouse has the most accurate and responsive optical sensor. You can customize the lighting at your will. They use a very easy to use the program to manipulate the lighting system. There is a total of 11 programmable buttons in this mouse. There is an adjustable super-fast scroll wheel for fast and smooth maneuvers.

While playing with this mouse, I found this extremely comfortable and almost 99.9% perfect. So, why .o1% imperfect? It’s because, I don’t think, anything in the world that exists in our life is 100% perfect. When the updated version of Logitech Proteus will strike the market, then we will see that. Technology is a continuous process. “the perfectionist’ does not exist here.

As I said earlier, it comes with more RGB color; so that we can say the main difference between the Proteus spectrum and the Proteus Core is the additional customizable RGB lighting.

The spectrum’s sensor ranges from 200 to 12000 dpi. It’s not notifiable if you are a general user. But if you are a gamer, then this is really different from Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex which has a sensor range up to 16,000.

You can also change the polling rates. If needed, you can adjust the polling rates from 125 Hz to 10000 Hz. With this gaming mouse, you can change the camera angles swiftly with no discernable lag. The buttons are placed beautifully which are easy to operate.

So, to get this gaming mouse, you have to pay only 60 dollars. They just decreased the price downwards to 60$ from 60$. Quite good! Right?

Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse (The Cheapest Gaming mouse)

Let me tell you what?  Redragon M601 is the No. 1 best seller in Gaming Mouse category in the Well, there is definitely something that gamers like about it. I found the number one reason is its price. It’s very much affordable. You have to count only 14 dollars to get this mouse. This is one of the most logical reasons behind its popularity.  This is the best choice if you have a really tight budget.

It has 2000 DPI which is quite okay for a 1080p monitor. So, if you love shooting games, then this will provide you enormous pleasure. So, the peak point is this mouse is perfect for monitor up to 1080p. but anything with a higher resolution than 1080p, you will face some problems and this mouse will not work properly.

One of the loveliest features of this product is its adjustable weight feature. To me for increasing your gaming potentiality, adjustable weight feature in a gaming mouse is a piece of cupcake.

There is a science behind it. Let me share this with you. If you have a heavier mouse and you love shooting game then it’s quite comfortable to control the accuracy of a gunshot with a heavier mouse.

The lighter mouse is good for playing strategy game as you can move faster with the lightest one. And who does not know that in a strategy game you have to be the fastest snake in the jungle?

Redragon M601 has 6 optimized buttons which are non-programmable and 2 programmable buttons. These 2 programmable buttons are thumb buttons. So, you can only use these buttons by using your thumbs as they have been placed that way.

The conclusion point is if you have a monitor resolution less than 1080p and your budget is really tight then this gaming mouse would be the best pick for you.

Logitech G602 Gaming Wireless Mouse

Logitech G602 is a gamer mouse without any type of wire. Gamers who love to control their game from their bed, it would be a good choice for them. Logitech G602 is considered to be one of the best wireless gaming mice for its versatility. You have to spend nearly 45 dollars to get this mouse.

This one is a great gaming mouse at a decent price. What I love about this mouse is its battery life which is pretty long and an array of programmable thumbs up button. These buttons let you control any type of game more flexible as these are custom made buttons.

Now coming to its design pattern. This G602 mouse is a right-handed mouse. So, if you are a left-hander then I am regretfully telling you to skip to the next review. But if you are a right-hander then there are more for you.

This mouse comes with a sculpted ergonomic design; additionally, there is a jutting wing which will support your thumb. On the left side of this mouse, you will notice six programmable buttons. These are ideal for playing FIFA or MMORPGs and similar type of games.
these buttons are set there so well that while you are playing games and operating the mouse, to move from one button to another button you won’t have to look at the mouse instead of the game. Your finger will easily recognize the placing.

On the front of the mouse, along with the standard right and the left button, two buttons are set on the left edge of the left button to control the DPI. These buttons are easily accessible to your index finger.

These buttons are durable. That’s why you don’t have to be worried about its durability. The company says these buttons can consume up to 20 million clicks. Enormous! right!!!

Zelotes 5500 DPI 7 Button LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse

Now Let’s jump into a mouse review which is only 9 dollars in cost. Yeah!! You read it right. Only eight dollars. Earlier it was 12 dollars, but now they adjusted this price to defeat their competitors.

This mouse has several side buttons in it.  The tracking system of this mouse is with an optical LED. This is very much responsive. OH!! I have forgotten to tell you that it’s a USB wired mouse. This is the reason why the LED is very much responsive. If you have started to mock at this mouse as it is wired then I must tell you nobody in the current world can offer you an unwired quality mouse with this rate.

Razer death adder chroma

A gaming mouse that is very pervasive, iconic and well known among people. It is the mouse that can be titled as a jack of all trades. This mouse serves and satisfies maximum customers with its outstanding features. Chroma is equipped with braided sheets, 1000HZ polling, and 10000 DPI sensors. It is well appreciated for the simplicity it holds. This gaming mouse is even comfortable too and above all its comfortable for right-hand contours.

This mouse is more spacious than another gaming mouse. It has a huge space for the left and right buttons. Even though it is fat and huge does not hamper its weight. Chroma is a lightly weighted gaming mouse. The lighting of the mouse is even admirable.

While it is being kept inactive for a long time, the light glows up and looks pretty as well as attractive. The scroll wheel even has light and it is the same color as the logo. On the other hand, this mouse does not have the crazy rainbow lighting.

The cost of this mouse is around $70, and the death adder is the cheapest mouse in Chrome family. This gaming mouse is worth buying not only because of its cheap price range among the chroma family but even due to the amazing features. The razer death adder chroma will take your gaming experience to a whole new and adventurous level.

vicTsing MM057

vicTsing MM057 is a wireless portable mobile mouse.  This mouse even has a USB receiver as well as five adjustable DPI level. It contains six buttons; the contour shape and rubber grip make it more elegant.

This mouse is in bold black color that makes it eye-catching and attractive. It is light weighted and easy to hold that makes it easy for the users to work with ease. vicTsing MM057 is compatible with a wide range. It is compatible with the most system like Windows, Mac, and Linux. You do not have to worry about its usage as it is fit for Notebook, PC, Laptop, Mac, computers as well as other devices too.

This mouse has the longest durability and 50ft / 15m long working distance. The test that is taken to check its performance has wonderful results. This mouse is efficient for what it is designed to do. The makers of this mouse are highly intellectual that they did not want to leave and chances of flaws. This can be figured out while we have a look as the USB receiver attached to the back of the mouse. This mouse even excels in the field of the battery. It has 15 months long battery life.

The auto energy saving sleeping mode makes is different from its kind. The auto switches off function helps to save more battery as the wireless mouse stops working as soon as the PC turns off. With the 15 months of battery life helps you to eliminate the tension of changing the battery for a long time.

Logitech gaming mouse G300

If you are fond of games and spend most of your time in gaming then this the perfect mouse to invest money on. Logitech gaming mouse provides better performance than any other standard computer mouse. The price of this mouse makes it be in the first preference list of the customer.

This mouse is not only preferred for its price but also for the features as well. Logitech gaming mouse can be used wired and even wireless too. It has a 1000 Hz ultra-polling rate, this feature helps in keeping the shots accurate and even the connection stable.

This mouse even provides a plug and play function while it is first connected to the PC. While we check on to its design, it has a very smart and elegant design. The most interesting part about this mouse is its indiscrimination against right and left users.

So, no matter if you are a lefty or righty this mouse is the right pick for you. The gray matte finish makes it more eye-catching. With the help of this design, your mouse will remain clean as it does not attract strains or smudge marks.

While it comes to the grip part of it, the black rubber coating makes it comfortable to hold and makes your work done with ease. You will be amazed by the line light as it brings a different dimension to it. There are eight customizable colors. Last but not least, this mouse contains nine programmable buttons. This mouse has everything you need and with the affordable price, you cannot stop yourself from buying it.

Combating gaming mouse 4800

The outlook of this mouse is so elegant that you will surely fall for this at the first stand. Not only it will attract you with its looks but also the features of it will make you want is every time you have a look of combating gaming mouse. This mouse has ten programmable buttons which let you to total control over your games.

All you need to do is use the software that helps in assigning programmable features to the buttons that you have aimed. This gaming mouse provides you the opportunity to customize your DPI settings. Combating gaming mouse has LED lighting effect and interestingly there are 3 modes of light effects such as the standard, respiration, and neon.

The backlights will even amaze you the most with blue, green, red and purple lighting.

But if you are not fond of LED lighting then you can turn it off. The solid metal frame enhances the gaming experience. While moving on with the connectivity, it is surely intelligent as it does not need codes and has the feature of plug and play.

This mouse has a perfect hand feel and perfectly fits in the palm. The shape of the mouse gives the gamers the complete gaming experience and takes it to a whole new level.

You have two color options to choose from. One is the bold black and the other is flashing white. So, now it depends on you what you go for. Combating gaming mouse has a huge compatibility range, it is compatible with Window XP, Vista, Windows 7, ME, 2000. With a wide range of features and mesmerizing structure, you should give this gaming mouse a try and I’m sure this won’t disappoint you in any aspect.

Logitech G900

If you are a game freak person then this is what you must surely go for. The  Logitech G900 is all that you need to make your gaming experience to reach a whole new level. this is a professional-grade wired as well as a wireless gaming mouse. This mouse has the optimal gaming sensor and exceptional tracking accuracy.

The DPI of this gaming mouse ranges from 200 to 12000. It is highly efficient in handling responsiveness and control at any speed. This mouse has customizable physical buttons.

Interestingly it is designed for both left and right-hand users. It has a very good grip and the grip style makes it more comfortable in using it. Logitech G900 even has the feature of personalized RGB lighting. These lightings are so vivid that you can customize at any time and into any color that you urge for.

The programming of the buttons is one of the most interesting parts of this gaming mouse. The buttons are consistently fast compared to any other gaming mouse.

They are accurate as well as the clicks are reliable. The sound feels like a crispy effect and even has a clean click feel. The performance of this mouse has been tested on a regular basis by the professional eSports gamers. The results that they have provided are of outstanding views.

This gaming mouse is highly compatible with the Windows series such as the Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7. This mouse has all the essential features that a gaming mouse should consist of. With the affordable range and wonderful features, it should be the mouse that you must go for without any second thought.

Razer Naga review

Not every mouse is capable of fulfilling the need of every game genre. So is the truth with razer naga, this mouse provides everything that an MMO player requires.

This mouse has a number of thumb buttons, streamline design and software interface. These are a perfect match for an MMO player to have in the gaming mouse. Naga is a huge mouse with a number of buttons and especially the four-row thumb buttons make it a mouse that is out of the box. The left-handed players should no longer be disappointed as razer naga even satisfies their needs. It is

It is indiscriminating towards the left and right-handed users. This mouse has a comfortable texture that maintains the grips in a good manner. Among the 19 buttons on the mouse 18 of them are programmable. The Naga has a generous DPI range that is from 100 to 8200.

The interesting feature about this mouse is that the users can customize the DPI for X as well as Y-axis. The performance of the mouse excels in most of the standard test titles. The users of this mouse had a wonderful experience while playing “World of Warcraft” and “Star Wars: The Old Republic”.

The buttons of this mouse are highly responsive. The extra keymap in the mouse is so beneficial for the players of MMO. This mouse with a variety

The users of this mouse had a wonderful experience while playing “World of Warcraft” and “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. The buttons of this mouse are highly responsive.

The extra keymap in the mouse is so beneficial for the players of MMO. This mouse with a variety if the feature is a wired mouse and this makes the comfortability range of the players high. This mouse is a perfect match for MMO players. If you are one among them then without any ado rush to the stores and grasp your razer naga.