Nowadays security is a major concern, we are always worried about our belonging. It is said that home is the safest place after heaven. But is this true in the modern era? This is a question that most of us have in our minds.

Studies have shown that in the past 15 years the rate of theft has increased at a higher rate. People are being murders by the thieves for engulfing the valuable things at home. This is the time when the materials at home are more valuable than human lives.

It is always said that “precaution is better than cure”, so it is highly recommended to be cautious. Our today’s review is about some of the best door and window sensors that you will need to keep your home a safe place for you and your family.

Doberman Security Window and Door Alarm Kit

Doberman security for years has ensured to provide best quality products that will make your house a safe place. It is an effective solution and affordable too. You can attach these sensors to your door as well as windows, this sensor works for both in an effective way. The Doberman security door and window sensor have four magnetic triggered alarm.

With a minor trigger in the position of the door and window, you will be able to know there is something wrong. If you are thinking that will the sound be loud enough then the answer is yes? The alarm of this window and door sensor is 100Db loud. So, you do not have to worry about the alarm.


While moving on to the installation of this sensor then this is even pretty much easy. All that you need to do is peel off the sticker and stick it to your door or window. While the door and window of your apartment are opened by an intruder then the magnetic circuit breaks and this leads to a loud sound.

This is an apt device of security for homes, office, dorm room and even RV’s. this window and door sensor alarm are about 5.5 x 1x 8.2 inches and it weighs around 11.2 ounces. So, you can easily get an idea that this is quite small in size.


As for the price and packaging are a concern of the Doberman security window and door alarm kit, it is affordable. The cost of this product is relatively low while you compare it with other products of the same kind and with an addition to the features.

When it comes to the packaging of the product, it is packed with care and it will reach you in a safe form. There will be no mishandling or breakage. In a scale, if 1 to 5, I will rate this door and window sensor 4.5. I would highly recommend the company to pay a keen attention to the sticker that is been attached to the back of the device. Some additional tapes were required to keep it firm. Other than that, it is an excellent product with a surprising price range.

2. GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm (2 Pack)

GE company is well known for it simplistic designs. The GE personal security window and door alarms are cost-efficient and better solution to get rid of tensions related to home invasion. This door alarm will keep your family safe and you in a state of relax.

You can thank the 120-decibel alarm that is been set in the sensor. The alarm is so loud that the intruder will have to give a double thought while it comes to invading your house. It is easy to install the GE personal Security window and door alarm, all that you need to do is stick it to the appropriate place so that both the of object are face to face.

How to install GE Personal Security Alarm

There is no wiring required for the installation. After this your window and door sensor are ready for use. There are three adjustment settings in this wireless door sensor. The adjustment setting is off/chime/alarm.

This is easy to operate either. The setting and be altered through buttons that are placed by the side of the device. But what if the battery dies? Even you do not have to worry about this aspect. While coming on to the battery, it requires 4 LR44 type battery and the most interesting part is that you can see if you are running off your battery life.

Features of this Door Alarm

There is a test button on the window and door sensor that will notify you if the battery is low. All you have to do is press the button to check. The GE personal security window and door alarm is perfect security device for home, office, apartment, and everywhere you wish to have security. Once you have installed this you do not have to worry about intruders invading your peace.

While moving to the price and packaging, truly speaking this price is satisfying for the product. This is one of those security sensors that will not ruin your wallet and even provide you with what you need. The packing of this product is quite good. There is nothing extra to it but it is to the point. In a scale of 1 to 5, I will rate this product 4.2.

3. Sabre Dorm Stop Alarm Hs-Dsa

Every 14.5 seconds there is a home break-in occurs and this been estimated by the FBI. This might sound dangerous and yes, it is. $15 billion losses are faced by the people of united states because of robbery.

There is an increase in these type of cases in an alarming rate. To reduce this cases SABRE company has brought forward a door alarm that will notify you about the unwanted guest at your place. There are a number of companies in the marketplace but how did SABRE outstand others?

Here we go with what you will find in this. SABRE door alarm not only alerts you by the sound of it alarm but also makes it hard for the intruder to open the door. It has an attention-grabbing sound, it is 120 dB which will easily wake you up and if possible even your neighbors will be able to hear it. It is audible up to 1000 feet or 300 meters away

The Interesting things to know

The interesting as well as helpful thing about this door alarm sensor is that the non-skid pad feature prevents the door from opening while the alarm sounds. It is great security gadget for your home, apartment, and office. You can even carry this door alarm sensor with you while are on the travels.

So, this will even provide you security while you are at the hotel rooms. So, it is even a great travel alarm.

The installment is very easy of this door sensor alarm. There is no wiring required for this alarm. So, forget the plugin and plug out business. To operate it all you need is a 9V battery and then stick the door alarm to the floor and this is ready for use


Another interesting part about the door alarm sensor is the low battery indicator. This feature is missing in most of the security sensor but SABRE provides this and it works very efficiently. This security sensor alarm is preferred by a large number of consumers because of the attractiveness and uniqueness.

The pearl white color makes it preferable by all. And this color matches with any floor color that you have at your home. This will surely not be the odd equipment that you have at your home.

What’s More

Hence you might be thinking that with these many features this door alarm will be among the most expensive product. On a scale of 1 to 5, I will rate this product 4.5. there is a packaging problem that has been detected. The over packaging makes it hard as well as painful to open.

4. The Ge Personal Security Alarm Kit

The GE personal security alarm kit is an all in one pack. It has everything that is required for keeping your home safe and secured. You will find a deluxe door alarm that consists of four-digit keypad.

The 120-decibel alarm sound will make the intruder think twice about breaking into your home. Each of the items in this GE personal security alarm kit can be personalized such as the settings are adjustable. There are different mood such as the chime, off and alarm mood. You can keep the alarm off if the door and window alarm sensor whenever you wish to do so.

Installation process

This kit even contains three window alarm sensors. So here not only your doors are secured but also the windows have their alarm sensors. The fact of relief is that there is no wiring required for the installment. It is an easy way installation process.

There will even be no damage done to your apartment for the installation as there is no drilling required. All you need to do is stick those door and window alarm sensors to its place. This kit is a cost-effective and easy to use security solution, with this kit you can keep your loved ones safe and sound against any home invasion.

Exciting Features

While moving on to the deluxe door alarm, it is a keypad alarm sensor. There are four keys in it and this is used for setting a code that will allow you to arm and disarm the device. This security alarm device even offers 45 seconds delay time that will allow you to exit from your home.

On the other hand, it even provides 30 seconds entry time. Finally, there is mode called home mode. This is an easy to use door alarm sensor. Last but not the least, the devices in this GE personal security alarm kit has battery level checker. With the help of battery test you can check the level of the battery remaining.

This is all done by pressing one button on the devices. This security kit is compatible for your home, apartment, office, dorm room, RV and lot of other places. You must surely give this kit a try as this is a whole package with a lot of advantages.

5. X-10 Door/Window Sensor Ds10a

To stop robbery the first thing that needs to do is be alert in every way possible. In most of the cases, it is due to our lack of attention that leads buglers to have a huge advantage. But sometimes we can not even blame ourselves for the loss we face due to robbery.

Nowadays robbers are really smart and they use the modern technology to attain something that they want. As the robbers are becoming smart that before so do we need to be. We need some the best equipment for the safety of our home. Keeping this in mind the X10 has introduced the DS10A window and door sensor.

Speciality of this Sensor

This sensor is different from other sensors in the market. This is a wireless sensor and provides very good protection. Whenever a door or window is forcefully opened by an intruder the alarm starts to sound and it only stops when it is been turned off.

The sound of the alarm is so high pitched that it can be heard by the neighbors as well. unlike any other ordinary door and window sensor, this has a long battery life. This is a great add-on to your protection list.


While moving on to the price of this door and window sensor.  This is an alarm sensor with advanced features in it so relating the features to the price of it, we can say that this alarm sensor is quite reasonable. Give this alarm kit a try if you need a complete protection.

6. Fosmon Wavelink 51004HOM Wireless Door Open Chime

Among all the door sensors listed above, this is one of the most advanced sensors. This is a wireless sensor and it is even portable. The Fosco WaveLink door sensor is a magnetic door sensor. This magnetic door sensor activates when the magnets are separated from each other.

This is a unique product from other door sensors in many ways. This product contains two devices, one being the receiver and other the magnetic sensor. While your door or even the window is open then it will transmit signals to the receiver and the receiver will start alert you.

Features if This wireless sensor

This wireless sensor has 52 different ringtones and 4 volume level. This even has a LED light indicator. And finally, the operating range is 400 feet or 120 meters. The installment of this device is very easy. All you need to do is use double tape to stick the sensor device to the appropriate place. As mentioned earlier this is a portable device and so you can carry this anywhere you wish to.


This might sound expensive than other alarm sensors but remember that you are getting a lot of advantages with it. It is one of the advanced sensors that you will find in the market for home use. So, hurry and grasp one for yourself to make your home a safe place even if you are away.

Warm up

Mentioned above are the top 6 door and window sensors that you can use to keeping your home and important places safe from any type of theft catastrophe. This list contains products that are affordable and even contains devices that are unique. Door and window sensors are a necessity nowadays.

So to be safe from any further losses dive into the information that is provided and make your life a step easier.