In the first place, the question arises that do people still use cordless landline phones over cell phones? Yes, they do! The best cordless phone can offer you many features that even the ‘best’ cell phone today can’t offer!

You might be wondering if there’s really any such feature. Well, in the first place, the main purpose of a ‘Phone’ is that feature, call quality! Landline phones undoubtedly provide better call quality with clearer and crisp sound and more coverage as well.

Nothing looks more professional than a classy landline phone in any reception. Cell phones aren’t really a reception thing, right? For any reception, you want something that has a fixed place to sit and something dependable to make sure you don’t have an embarrassing call drop in the middle of an important conversion or phone conference or discussion with a client.

So given some particular situations, nothing beats cordless landline phones. And you probably already knew that and that’s why you’ve landed on this page looking for the best cordless phone for office or home use. I just repeated those words to assure you that your decision of going for a cordless landline phone over cell phone is right.

Now, coming to the point, the burning question is which is the best cordless phone to buy? Cordless phones today are not those typical cordless phones that could only do one to one calls. The smarter cordless phones today has Bluetooth technology for taking cell calls, has two-line support at the same time with one device, comes with headset jacks, better quality LCD displays and many more.

On top of that, there are tons of options available coming from different brands. Each offering some values that others might not and coming with different price tags. So getting confused is normal.

You have three important questions to ask.

  • How you plan to use the phone? Makes decision making easier straight away if you know for which specific purpose/purposes you’re going to use the phone.
  • Which phone provides best value for money? (We’ll mention those phones in our “cordless phone reviews” section below)
  • What are the features you really want to pay for? You don’t want to buy a phone getting blown away by a ‘fancy’ feature that phone offers which you actually won’t be needing. It’s a waste of money.

That said, let me tell you more about what makes a good cordless phone so you know what to look for when you’re buying one.

Guide to buying the Best Cordless Phone; What to look for?

Speakerphone: Cordless phones having speakerphone option gives you the convenience to talk over calls without you must having the phone holding by your hand close to your ear.

Caller ID: Lets you know who you’re going to talk with without you having to ask them and keep records of calls. Some of the phones feature talking caller ID that tells you in verbal words who’re calling.

LCD Display: Be that locating in the handset or in the base, and if in both places then awesome. Should clearly display caller ID, phone directory, battery life, and other information.

Backlit Handset: Let’s you easily and correctly dial numbers when you’re in a dark place.

Headset Jack: This helps for having a hands-free conversation. A headset jack with a belt clip gives you the convenience to chat while you move about the room or look through some paperwork.

Two-line support: This is a great feature for you if you have 2 numbers to keep live but looking to buy only one phone. This feature allows you to receive calls for two separate phone numbers on the same phone.

Some cordless phones having this feature give two distinct ringers for 2 different numbers to let you know which line is ringing. This is a very handy feature if you need to conference with two callers in a three-way conversation.

Auto talk: Auto talk feature connects the call as soon as you lift the handset from the base.

Battery Backup: Lets your phone keep working in case of any power cut.

Multiple Handsets: Most of the cordless phones comes with multiple handsets (some with even 4/5 handsets). This feature allows you to have an intercom mode or answer calls throughout the house, no matter where the base is located in the house.

Review to the Best Cordless Phones; the Best 5:

Alright, now let’s review our picks for the best cordless phones. We’ve compiled the list having different aspects in mind. We’ve picked phones from different price ranges, we’ve picked phones that are great for particular needs (some are good for home use, some for reception etc.).

So I can confidently say these are the best 5 options for you to pick from. No matter what your budget or expectation from the phone is, we’ve got something for everyone.

  1. VTech CS6719-2 DECT 6.0 Phone with 2 Cordless Handsets

A full duplex handset speakerphone. Allows both ends to speak and be heard at the same time for conversations that are more true to life. The original package comes with 2 handsets, though it’s expandable up to 5 handsets (uses CS6709 accessory handset).

It comes packed with the DECT 6.0 technology which is the latest cordless platform. With this, it provides better range without needing to boost the power. The technology also ensures great sound quality. Though the sound quality in this device is not great I’d say, it’s above average.


The phone comes with caller ID and calls waiting for feature. You get to know who’s calling and keeps calls in queue. The handset displays the number, name (if saved to phone-book already), time and date of incoming calls. By the way, you can save up to 50 name and numbers in your phonebook directory.

Comes with the quiet mode that is easy to switch to, with the touch of a button. You can either make your phone silent for a single call or for an extended period of time. Both the handset and base ringer will be disabled when in silent mode.

It also features an ECO mode which conserves power, ensures better battery performance reduces unnecessary radiation within your home.

Other convenient features include Any key answer, Conference between an outside line and up to 2 cordless handsets, Loud enough ringer with distinct ringtones for different lines, Voicemail waiting indicator, Intercom between handsets, Lightweight and comfortable to hold, English/Spanish/French setup menu, Last 10 number redial, 9 number speed dial etc.

Downsides are it does not feature auto-answer feature, and the call quality could be little better, though I think it’s above average for the price.

  1. Panasonic KX-TGE433B Cordless Phone with Answering Machine- 3 Handsets

Coming with a built-in answering machine, the Panasonic KX-TGE433B is a smart and reliable cordless phone that makes everyday call management easier.

Priced at an affordable range yet having features like advanced TAD (telephone answering device), talking caller ID, call blocking, voice paging, and others make it a steal for the price.


The phone comes with three handsets each having a large keypad, though they are not backlit backed. The caller ID speaks in English and Spanish, both from the base unit and cordless handsets, so hear who’s calling from across the room

It comes with a simple as possible call blocking option. You can block up to 250 telemarketers, robocallers and other unwanted numbers with a single push of the dedicated call blocking button.

The phone provides better sound quality with noise reduction technology. It detects noise by frequency, reduces it and enhances voice tones at the same time for clearer hearing experience.

You can also keep an eye on your baby with the baby monitor feature. You need to keep a monitoring handset near the baby and in case of the baby crying and waking up, the device will send an immediate alert to base unit any selected phone or cell phone number you store in the system.

Also, you won’t lose your keys if you attach an optional Key Detector to your key ring. With the phone, you can make the detector beep which helps you locate the key. The phone also has other useful features like voice paging, speakerphone, large display, Headset Jack etc.

But I thought the menu system is not so simple, some might find it a bit difficult to operate. Also, no batteries come included with the phone, so you’ll have to buy separately.

  1. Panasonic KX-TG7875S Link2Cell Penta Handset Cordless Phone

The Panasonic KX-TG7875S is an intelligent cordless phone that comes with latest Link2Cell technology that lets you sync your cell or smartphone with the cordless phone through Bluetooth. You can add up to two smartphones with your cordless phone.

When connected, you can to make and receive cell calls that are automatically routed through all your home phone handsets. So you won’t be needing to carry your cell phone around your home.


There’s also a message forwarding system that sends recorded messages to your cell phone to keep you connected. This is a great convenience feature that you won’t find in every cordless phone out there.

It has a USB port as well on the base unit that lets you charge your cell phone while you might be resting it beside the base for better Bluetooth syncing. So even more convenience.

The answering machine on it records the message left by the caller and forwards it to all the handsets, so you don’t need to jog every time to the base station to monitor the message being left.

You can block up to 250 unwanted callers and store 3,000 numbers in the phonebook. So the numbers are big as well.

Other features you’d like such as noise cancellation, talking caller ID, large backlit display and backlit keypad, Eco mode all are there.

What I don’t like is there’s no dedicated call block button. Though you can still block calls through the menu, the dedicated button would make things more convenient. The volume is not the loudest as well.

  1. Panasonic KX-TGE474S Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Answering Machine- 4 Handsets

The KX-TGE474S is an upgrade from the KX-TG7875S that solves the call block button issue and comes with some convenience feature like key finder, baby monitor and others as the KX-TGE433B had. So it’s a combo of pros that come with a fairly higher price tag.

It also has the Link2Cell technology like the earlier Panasonic model I discussed. You can sync two cell phones on this too. The caller ID reads the caller name out from both the base and handsets, in two languages – English and Spanish.


You can block up to 250 telemarketers, robocallers and other unwanted caller numbers. This time it has a dedicated call block button, unlike the previous model, thanks to Panasonic for this useful update. The phonebook can store up to 3,00o contacts.

The base model comes with four handsets and dual keypad. It features a large 1.8-inch backlit display that’s crisp enough. Battery backup is good as well.

Basic features you need like noise reduction, speakerphone, headset jack and other extra convenience features like a baby monitor, key finder, voice paging all are there.

Though Panasonic took care of the Call block button, the volume level is not great on this too. Another complaint is the charging unit. Charging unit tends to die faster than you might expect (if you ever expect!).

  1. AT&T EL52300 3-Handset DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Digital Answering System

The last pick in my list is more of a basic phone, for people who’re looking to get basic features of a cordless phone spending as less possible. The base unit is fairly industrial looking, not really aesthetically pleasing.

The phone still comes with a digital answering system which can record up to 14 minutes of incoming messages, memos or outgoing announcements. You can save message selectively, delete and instantly play them.


The AT&T 523003 supports call waiting. This has a caller ID, but it doesn’t have that fancy speaking feature. It can hold 50 call records with name, number, time and date of incoming calls. You can store up to 100 contacts in the phonebook. Not great numbers, but enough for basic needs.

The phone comes packed with three handsets (use 3 handsets through a single phone jack). Unfortunately, there’s no headset jack on the handsets.

The LCD display of this phone is crisp, decent in size. Not great, not too small, usable. The keypad is packed with extra-large backlit keys that comes handy in dark places and for visually impaired people. The phone is also compatible with hearing aids.

That’s The List!

So these were my picks for the best cordless phones. I believe any of these got to match your need. I hope these cordless phone reviews help you to pick your perfect phone.