There are many types of Bluetooth headphones from different companies. Every company is out there to sell their products. So, it is obvious that they all claim their products as the best.

Don’t let them fool you. I am going to help you to choose the best Bluetooth headphones for you out of all Bluetooth headsets. I have researched a lot on the quality and features that are being provided by the best headphone companies in the current market. By analyzing the factors and several components, I have sorted my top 10 best Bluetooth headphones for you. But before presenting these before you, I want you to know, based on what one should choose the wireless headphones.

Comfort and Fit:

Knowing when you are going to use your Bluetooth earbud makes a huge difference. Let me explain it to you.

The best wireless headphone for someone who listens during a workout would not be the best pick for the person who loves to listen to music while they are walking.

So, based on your job, the type of headphone may vary. But, it is not possible to buy one single headphone for every particular job. That’s why you have to be really picky and what type of headphone will make you actually comfortable. The heavy one or the lighter one; the longer one or the shorter one.


So, after sorting out the right sized earbud the very next thing you should examine is its battery life. You know what nobody wants a short periodic battery life. So, there is not much to say. Try to pick that headphone which consumes less power and has durable battery life. There is one thing that I must remind you. You should pick a headphone that can charge over USB so that you need not to pay heed to proprietary charging cable or other equipment. This is important because there is a high risk of losing your proprietary charging cable or other attachments.


so basically earbuds are the tiny earpieces that go inside your ears. Earbuds basically sit in the bowls of your ears, but the “in-ear” variants go on the deeper side of your ear.

But don’t be scared it does not harm you. In-ear varieties offer you noise-free sound as well as a clear sound. It isolates outside noises like machine and horn’s sound.

So, while buying a Bluetooth headphone you should also see whether they are offering earbuds with the earphone or not. If yes, then you should think about the size of the earbud. You should also check whether it fits for you or not.


You are purchasing a headphone to get better and quality music experience. Some headphones do not matter, Bluetooth or wired. Does not give a better sound experience just because the design is not a fit for you.

One thing you must keep in your mind is the better technology is used by the headphone, the better sound you will get. So, for now, take a look that your headphone is whether aptX compatible or not. aptX is a set of audio codec compression algorithms from Qualcomm. It gives you a better audio experience.

Cowin E-7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Over-ear Stereo Headphones

Cowin E-7 has long-lasting battery life. It ensures more than 30 hours of battery life. Its great battery life, super-fast recharging make this pair very user-friendly.

This headphone comes with 40 mm ear-cup aperture drivers. What these actually do is increase the audio frequency range to give you a better sound quality.

So, if you are looking to get a rich and high-end frequency audio output, then this would be a good pick for you.

What consumers love about this product is its noise canceling feature. If you are a regular headphone user, then you must know that the majority of the headphones available in the market can not redeem the sound of the surroundings. We live with loud people, engines, and machines. So, these loud sounds always interrupt in our music.

But by using this headphone properly, you can reduce the volume of surroundings to zero. So that you will only allow yourself to hear the music. Nothing else will interrupt you.

To eliminate the noise of the outside environment, you will have to activate the noise canceling technology. That’s it!! By using a switch, you can automatically shut down the external noises.

If you are a gamer and you love to stream, then Cowin E-7’s microphone is enough for you.

yes, the microphone of Cowin E-7 is of great quality that will give you a better experience while talking to others.

One of the reasons why people call it the best Bluetooth headphone is its weight. It’s extremely light weighted and designed for the travelers. It’s futuristic design and light weight makes it popular among travelers.

Do you know what I like most about this Bluetooth headset?

It’s the price. You have to spend less than Seventy bucks to get this wireless headphone.

There is currently no Bluetooth headphone in the marketplace within this range that will provide you with so many incredible features. This is the best Bluetooth headphone if your budget is low and you still want to get a better experience.

Now, let’s talk about the cons of this product. One of the rarest disadvantages one can sort out of this product is its non-folding feature. This headphone is not foldable. And you know what?

Even if this is a non-foldable wireless headphone, this would be my first pick if my budget is under 100 dollars.

 SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earphones

There are so many headphones in the market that look flashy and interesting but with no feature. Spectacular designs fool you to think that these are of good quality when in reality, it is the opposite. Senso is a company which gives priority to the quality more than looks.

There is a thing that consumers like you and me don’t understand. That is the quality of the product goes down with the decreasing rate of price. This is true. Cheap products always lose their quality for a small price tag.

From this aspect, Senso Bluetooth headphone made this statement false! Yes, you read it right. They literally provide a high-quality headphone in exchanging a little amount of money; Just 37 dollars.

When you take a sense Bluetooth on your own hand there is nothing that makes you feel cheap. The cables of this headset are flexible so that you can easily carry this headphone. What I love most about this earphone are its earbuds. They are the charm of this product.

This has a durable battery life. By this Bluetooth headphone, you can enjoy relentless music for up to nine hours and 240 hours standby with a quick charge of only one and a half hours.

Have I forgotten to tell you that this has noise suppression technology as well? Oh yeah. This headphone can connect seamlessly with all Bluetooth enabled device from 30 feet away. Its noise suppression technology helps you to focus on your favorite music.

There is another amazing thing about this product. It is offered by its manufacturer. Senso Bluetooth headphone comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty and thirty days of no questions asked return policy! And you know what? You won’t have to return their product as you will fall in love with this.

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, Hi-Fi Stereo Wireless Headset

Mpow Bluetooth headphones are a decent looking, fairly priced option for the music listener. The name is saying that it does not contain any earbud. So, if you are among those earbud haters, then this would be a stylish pick for you.

You have to spend only 35 dollars to get this headset. With this headphone, you will get a 3.5 mm audio cable, a USB charging cable, and a user manual.

This headphone can be controlled with a wide range of 33 feet. Which is approximately 10 in meters. To regain the full charge of the battery you have to charge it for 4 hours. And then you can listen to music on this device for 13 hours! Have I forgotten to tell you that the battery capacity of this headphone is 420 mAh!

Not let’s talk about the design. It is very much possible that the designers of this product tried to mimic the design of Beats wireless headphones. It has almost similar curves and angles to the beats.

The inside cushion of the headband of this product is made of a very thin memory protein material. So, it is very comfortable. But if you have larger ears then these may cause you some discomfort. Remember it! only for the larger ear owner.

TaoTronics Wireless Sweatproof Sports Headphone

This product is popular among the sportsman. The feature that I like about this headphone is its flexible ear hooks stay in the place no matter what the physical activity is being done by you. This is really comfortable and magnificent.

This is sweat proof. So, while you are exercising and getting the blood pumping in sweat, an advanced technology nano-coating keeps the headphone protected from the sweats.

On the other hand, it also gives you a wonderful experience of sound, every time you listen to music by enhancing the playback. Within the range, you will never suffer from a poor connection due to one of the strongest Bluetooth connections.

With this wireless headphone, you can listen to 7 hours’ nonstop music. It’s quite a fair time before needing a recharge. You have to count 26 dollars in case of getting this product.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless 4.1 Magnetic Earbuds aptX Stereo Earphones, IPX5 Splash Proof Secure Fit for Sports with Built-in Mic

Taotronics is such an awesome manufacturer company that has multiple highly qualified Bluetooth headphones.  That is why there is another TaoTronics headphone gets its place in this list. It is quite impossible to avoid this headphone. Yes, I am talking about one of the most sold Bluetooth headphone- TaoTronic TT-BH07U.

TaoTronic is selling this amazing headphone in exchanging with 26 dollars. This is also sweat proof. It comes with three different sizes of ear tips and ear hooks. So, no matter what your ear size is, you can adjust this headset by changing tips and hooks. This is also designed to stay stable during exercise time.

What I love about this headphone is you can attach the magnetic earpieces and wear it like a necklace for safe and easy transport.

It’s CVC 6 noise reduction technology will give you the best quality sound. Even in a public place where people are chattering and talking out loud, you won’t hear a single sound from them while listening to music with this headphone!

The battery life of this headphone exists for five hours with 175 hours of standby. This device can regain its charge within just one hour.

Plantronics Voyager Legend

The Plantronics Voyager Legend is a little bit pricey. It will cost you almost 70 bucks to get this headset. It’s bigger than other wireless headphones that available in the marketplace, but it gives you the pleasure of crystal clear sound along with comfort. It is really very flexible and comfortable to wear.

if you don’t mind a bit larger wireless headphone, then this would be the best pick for you.

Plantronics Voyager legend is entirely made of plastic with some rubber accents around the ear loop. It is there for an easier fit.

The company did some amazing work in refining the hardware controls. They placed the call button just behind the plastic edge. You may find a little bit uneasiness at the beginning. But a while after, you will certainly get used to it.

As soon as you power up this headphone, it automatically goes into pairing mode. You may take it to the pairing mode by holding the call button or by simply saying pair mode into the mic!

There is a built-in sensor in this headphone to detect whether you are wearing this Bluetooth headphone or not. As a result, it will transfer the call back to the phone by pausing the streaming music when the headset is not on your ear.

You are paying 70 dollars to get this headphone, and you should expect one of the best voice quality from this headphone. And let me tell you what.; it will fulfill your expectation pie to pie. Voice is clear, loud with plenty of gains.

The noise canceling technology of this headphone is not that top notch with respect to other features; especially when the wind blows. It manages to mute the sound of a fan or honks but wind resistance is still poor.

You can listen to 7 hours’ non-stop music by this headset. But after this, you have to recharge this headset.

Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones

Sennheiser RS120 comes with very strong bass and impressed looks.  Those who look for deep sounds, Sennheiser RS120 wireless headset would be a very good pick for them. This is especially good while you are watching movies. From the slightest sounds to the thunders, this model gives you an experience of precise and clear sound.

This headphone is 5.5 inches in height and 12.25 inches in length. So, this is another larger sized of Bluetooth headphone in our list. But, let me tell you what! It is very comfortable to carry around because of its lightweight. It only weighs 0.51 pounds. Though you have to pull out the headphone after every ear to provide fresh air to your ear, The crystal-clear sound, and super-sexy design worth it.

You have to purchase 63 dollars to get this product in your ear. It’s a bit costly, but as I said earlier, it worth it.

The company offers a 2-year limited warranty only when purchased from an authorized dealer.

Let me notify you about an important thing! It is not a Bluetooth compatible headset. It’s just wireless.

This only helps you to enjoy sound without the cumbersome cable associated with tradition headphones. It receives sound from a transmitter base when connected to an analog output of any audio source like Computer or Sound system.

Hussar Magicbuds Bluetooth Headphones

This Bluetooth headphone is manufactured by Renowned Hussar company. It will cling to your ear while you are working out. I was a big fan of this headphone until I met Plantronics. This does not mean, I dislike this headphone. I used to run, jump with the headphone on my wear. It never betrayed me even for once.

The sound quality of this earbud is awesome! It will give a good bass response. I think it can be placed in the top three for its great bass quality. The music quality does not go down as well. There is a simple problem. At the highest volume, the bass will be distorted. But overall a happy experience with this headphone.

It has a breathtaking design with a black and red touch. This reminds me of some luxurious Bluetooth headphone companies. You are also getting almost the same design but at a cheaper cost. You have to pay only 27 dollars to get this product.

This Bluetooth headphone has a built-in microphone as well. If you receive an incoming call while using this headphone, you can certainly answer it by using this mic. This feature enhanced its acceptability as you may know that most of the companies do no add this ‘mic’ feature to their headphones.

Once you charge this headphone, you can use it up to 9 hours to play for your iPhone or Android device.

August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

You can use August EP650 with your smartphones, laptops, Tablets, and TVs. This wireless headphone from august come with high-performance features.

It is the most popular headphones in August. It gives you clear, noiseless, powerful sound. It has 4.1 Bluetooth technology which connects all Bluetooth enabled devices within seconds. All you have to do is just tap to connect via NFC where available.

If you charge this Bluetooth headset properly, you can play non-stop music for up to ten hours. Isn’t it cool?

There is another feature worth mentioning. That is its wired connection feature. You might be wondering this is a wireless headphone. But why the hell am I talking about the wired connection?

August EP650 offers the option for wired connection beside its wireless connection. It provides you a 3.5 mm audio-in socket to connect your device without Bluetooth.

Phaser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones

Before writing the review on Phaiser BHS-730, I must congratulate you! You are reading the last product review. So, if you are still searching for the best fit for you, then you must buy this product closing your eyes.

This product will cost you only forty-six dollars. This headset is filthy popular among those who seek high-quality sound, comfort as well as price affordably together. This one is one of the most highly reviewed product on Amazon. So, let’s post mortem this Bluetooth headset.

Phaiser BHS-730 is equipped with eight mm speakers and Bluetooth 4.1 version. It joins the hardware along with transducers to create excellent sound quality.

It has a unique design. On the very first look, it might not look like any other ordinary headset. It has a very special winged earphone tip design for which they have patented. From biking to hiking, jumping to running- you can use this headphone without any problematic issues.

On a full charge, it can be operated for 6 hours continuously. To charge the battery you may need up to 90 minutes. There is another amazing feature of this headphone that I like most. That is, you can read accurate remaining battery life of this Bluetooth headphone by your iOS or Android device.