at&t cordless phones

if you are in search of a land phone that you can use at your home then this review is all that you need. With all the advance feature and requirements of your choice here comes the At&A EL52303 3 review the generic At&A company after a lot of experimentation has brought forward the At&A EL52303 3 with is a handset cordless answering system.

All That You Need to Know

The advanced featured and modern At&A EL52303 3 consists of three handsets, digital answering system, and handset speakerphones. At&A has not only advanced its features but also brought a significant change to its outlook. They have made a change in the display by making it extra-large.

Due to the DECT 6.0 technology, you will be able to hear crystal clear sounds without any interference. This technology ensures that you will not be bothered during your conversation because of any electronic devices or wireless networks. Not only you will have this advantage to it but also your conversations will be in the safest hands.

At & A Cordless Phones Features

The DECT 6.0 technology even ensure proper security. This technology is even available in VTech cordless phone Dect 6.0.

What about the call waiting system, will At&A land phone have this important feature in it? This is a common question asked by most of the customers. The answer to it is YES. The At&A phone has this interesting feature. Now you won’t be missing out any of your important calls.

This is not the end of its feature, the At&A EL52303 3 is expandable up to 5 handsets but those handsets must be in the EL52303 3 series. It’s hard to memories the number of each and every person. But even this is not an issue while it comes to the At&A land phones.

It is capable of saving 50 names and numbers in its phone directory. On the other hand, you can set 9-speed dial numbers for emergency uses. This At&A land phone even has sound clearance feature to it. It eliminations any disruptive shouting throughout the conversation. So now you can have a peaceful conversation without any disturbance.

You can even use the land phone while your lights are off. This is due to the lighting keypads. The handset looks very attractive when the keypad lights are on. Are you worried about your children’s miss handling of the land phone


Then be tension free as you can At&A land phones are mountable. Just place it anywhere at your home and it is safe from the reach of your toddlers. It even has call recording feature inbuilt into it. It can record a call up to 14 minutes. On the other hand, it is even capable of attaining calls while you are away.

So, there are no chances of missing any of your most important calls. The At&A EL52303 3 has many modes inbuild in it such as the quiet mode, ECO mode, and remote access. With the help of the quiet mode, you can mute the sound of your handset at any time.


At&A flip phone is among the well ranged and advanced product of generic At&A. it has always paid keen attention to the taste and needs of its consumers and even brought forward the best products. The At&A EL52303 3 is one among those products. Give this land phone a try by getting one for yourself. You will surely not feel disappointed with your decision.